In Memory of

This post has nothing to do with Human Resources.

Today is the third anniversary of my mother’s death. She died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS aka Lou Gherig’s Disease). The illness tried to rob her of her dignity, but never a more dignifed beautiful person will I ever meet. She faced each day with hope and determination to live as long as she possibly could. She outlived the doctors’ predictions threefold. And she never stopped smiling.

This is not a request for donations but ALS is a terrible disease for which there is no cure and funding to find a cure is not always readily available. If you feel moved to donate, please do so in the name of Vera Dorn to the Florida ALS Association. It will be incredibly appreciated.

Vera A. Dorn June 8, 1943 – April 18, 2003. You are terribly missed.