Extremely Bad Advice

This had me ROFLMA. No really.

Just a small taste of this incredibly bad advice to a question about harassment:

Harassment, I learned, isn’t just a swift pop in the chops or a quick squeeze of my firm, supple buttocks. It encompasses all the senses, not just your sense of erotic/violent touch. So, this guy stinks? Well, he’s harassing your nose, penetrating it with unwanted vileness. He’s annoying you with his constant stream of soft-core phone calls? That’s an auditory assault, a clear case of smut-tinged sexual harassment. Go to human resources (whose job is to stop people from acting like humans) and file complaints against this monster. At the very least they’ll place you as far away from him as possible and maybe tell him to treat your ears and nose with more respect.

I love it when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.