I’m Ashamed

Yes, it’s all over the news. The California Supreme Court upheld the ridiculously discriminatory Prop 8 today.

I can’t believe how ashamed of California I am. My only ray of sunshine, my silver lining is the 2010 ballot, which could possibly give us a chance to reverse Prop 8 and allow marriage for everyone.

I do, however, have to give props to Justice Carlos Moreno who, in his dissenting opinion stated:

Granting same-sex couples all of the rights enjoyed by opposite-sex couples, except the right to call their officially recognized and protected family relationship a marriage, still denies them equal treatment

At least one Justice understands the meaning of liberty and justice for all.

In other news, the Governator, in an effort to assuage the current budget crisis, has proposed critical budget cuts to those programs that probably need it the most:

The administration has proposed eliminating CalWORKS, the state’s welfare to work program, which provides more than 500,000 families an average of $526 per month. The state would save $1.3 billion but would forgo $4.2 billion in federal matching funds.

Schwarzenegger also seeks to cut health care coverage for nearly 1 million low-income children under the Healthy Families program, saving roughly $250 million for the year. That could cost the state roughly $500 million in federal money.

He proposed phasing out CalGrant, which provides college aid, and reducing funding for the University of California and California State University systems by $335 million. That would come on top of $415 million in UC and CSU cuts this year, forcing student fee increases.

From what he says, it’s either that or the state will go broke.

“If we don’t make those cuts, I think we will face catastrophic consequences because the state would simply run out of money and get insolvent, which we cannot afford to do.”

Oy, I have a headache.

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