FireMe! – Who Wants to get Fired?

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The basic premise of FireMe! is to track an individual’s use of social media and how this use can affect job security, employability and professional reputation.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the danger of public online data.
Most people seem to be unaware that, on the internet, once said, you can never take it back.

All tweets shown here are publicly available on Twitter. So don’t blame us, instead get responsible.

If you’ve taken initiative and removed your reckless tweet, and are now annoyed by your presence on this website, contact us and we will immediately remove your account from FireMe!.

Out of curiosity, I plugged in my Twitter handle (@hrlori) to see what my chances were of getting fired measured by what I put out on Twitter.

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Okay, 4% isn’t bad, but I’m wondering what I said that would leave me even 4% vulnerable to losing a job. Or only an 96% chance of gaining employment or if any of this even matters.

Which leads to the question, will this tool really get someone fired? Per the Wall Street Journal interview below, the site’s founders certainly hope not.

And as Sarah Perez stated in her article regarding this subject,

But if you have a moment of poor judgement or, god forbid, humanity, on Twitter or Facebook, and it then blows up in your face, it’s more likely there’s a person or persons involved in your outing, too. (Or you’re just really, really stupid.)

Either way, you can’t blame some creepy website on the Internet for the exposure.

True that. Although I’m pretty sure FireMe! will be used by recruiters and potential employers in order to suss out candidates.

It’s simple enough. Don’t put it out there if you don’t want it used against you.