10+ Things To Do When You Resign

I love the Blog “10 Things” and I particularly love this post about the 10+ things one needs to do when one resigns by Calvin Sun:

#1: Write the resignation letter

Even though a resignation letter might not be required, it’s a nice touch, and writing one is the professional thing to do. The letter needn’t be long. All it really need say is that you’re resigning and the date of the resignation. Do you need to give a reason or disclose your new job? It’s up to you, if you’re comfortable with it. In any event, avoid blasting or dumping on your boss or company. Try to find something good to say if you can and end with thanks for the job you’re leaving.

#2: Be clear about your last day, but be flexible if necessary

In that resignation letter, or in your verbal announcement to your boss, be clear about your final date. In particular, avoid giving just a date alone, without more detail. If, for example, you say, “I am resigning on June 1,” what does that mean? Should the boss expect you to be there on June 1, or is your last day really the previous work day, or something else? I recommend an unambiguous statement such as, “I am resigning at the close of business June 1.”

Be prepared to be flexible about that last day, though, because the boss might want you to finish an assignment, or least your part of an assignment.

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