Another Way to Look At It

Seth Godin has a really interesting post on the interview process from the interviewer’s point of view.

I really enjoyed this post, as it’s another way to look at finding the right person for the job. I particularly like his comparison to marriage: “Would you marry someone based on a one hour interview in a singles bar?” Hopefully probably not. Yet we expect that we can determine a person’s values, work ethic, committment and abilities by doing much the same.

Now, is it always feasible to put someone to work on a test basis per Seth’s suggestion? Probably not, but it shows that people are thinking about changing the status quo of recruiting. I for one am all for it.

One Reply to “Another Way to Look At It”

  1. Nice post, Lori! In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get this thought out of my head about the “one hour interview in the singles bar!”

    I just started a search for a new recruiting coordinator and I’m glad I read your post – gotta love Godin, eh?

    Great blog!


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