Cat House on the Kings

My husband Scott wrote about this on his blog, but the subject matter is so amazing that I had to copy from him. And quote him for that matter.

From Laughing Squid:

The Cat House on the Kings, is no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center run by Lynea Lattanzia in Parlier, California. There are currently over 700 cats living on the 6 acre sanctuary and all of them are up for adoption. Here’s more info on how you help out by making a donation, sponsoring a cat or volunteering.

This woman is amazing. And, being that I am guardian to two formerly feral cats, I thank her for all she is doing for these animals.


2 Replies to “Cat House on the Kings”

  1. ironic that this page praising a no-kill shelter for cats also contains a link to PETA’s diatribe against no-kill shelters.

  2. Not so much irony as it is contextual advertising.

    Per “Contextual advertising is targeted to the specific individual visiting a website (or page within a website). A contextual advertising system scans the text of a website for keywords and returns advertisements to the webpage based on what the user is viewing.[1] The advertisements may be displayed on the webpage or as pop-up ads. For example, if the user is viewing a website pertaining to sports and that website uses contextual advertising, the user may see advertisements for sports-related companies, such as memorabilia dealers or ticket sellers. Contextual advertising is also used by search engines to display advertisements on their search results pages based on the keywords in the user’s query.”

    You must be new to the internet.

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