Down to the Core

An employee states he was fired from his job at Apple due to a standup routine at the employee talent show which management considered to be “unprofessional”.

I watched the video and aside from a few comments about the “angry American customer” on the other end of the phone line, I was not really able to discern much in the way of unprofessionalism, although I must admit that I couldn’t hear every word.

Was Apple in error for terminating him? I don’t know since there are always two sides to every story. I’ve terminated people in the past and I know that their versions of the story are not the same as the mine (read: company), so I can’t proclaim to know why the decision was made.

If this video was truly the basis for the termination, I’m hard-pressed to understand the decision. However, if he’s referring to his customers as angry Americans (or did he say annoying?), I don’t think he really liked his job that much. And being that he was in customer service, this could have caused management some concern.

Welcome to the nebulous world of HR.

2 Replies to “Down to the Core”

  1. I can’t agree with you more on this one. Classic case of making a little thing into a VERY BIG thing by overreacting. I am left to wonder if Apple’s HR department was consulted prior to the termination.

  2. Yeah, you know how that goes, though. The employee may be understating the cause. It could be that someone in marketing or something saw the routine before-hand and asked him not to do it and he did it anyway…or something like that.

    Apple has been the target for a lot of law suits lately, maybe they are just being hyper sensative?

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