Former Employee Sues Apple for Wage/Hour

Interesting. Another tip from Valleywag. It seems that a former employee is suing Apple for violating California wage and hour laws.

David Walsh claims that Apple, rather than paying overtime, slotted employees into exempt positions.

From Macworld [via Valleywag]:

Walsh claims that Apple has created several job levels so they can make them exempt from receiving overtime wages. One example given is the use of “Senior” before the title “Network Engineer,” even though all Network Engineers perform the same duties.

The on-call requirements for Network Engineers were also an issue for Walsh. His on-call duties lasted for seven days, every six weeks — during this time he was on stand-by every night without additional compensation.

The lawsuit is seeking class action status, which would allow any employee during the class period to join the lawsuit.

I’m just going to file this one under wait and see.