Fourth Best

According to a national survey conducted by Money magazine and, the Human Resources Manager position is the fourth best job in America. The survey, which took many different factors into consideration such as growth, pay, stress level and responsibility can be found here.

What’s specifically said about the HR Manager job:

Why it’s great: At more and more companies, HR is no longer about benefits administration and the employee newsletter. Those tasks are increasingly outsourced, and directors and v.p.s are considered strategic planners.

Even lower-level managers are expected to design employee programs that also benefit the bottom line. International HR and compliance are especially hot. There’s a wide variety of work, from self-employed benefits specialists to corporate recruiters and HR generalists.

What’s cool: The mission: to make work more rewarding for workers. You help shape corporate culture and strategy.

What’s not: Fighting the “fluffy HR” stereotype; firing people.

Top-paying job Senior HR directors make around $285,000; at the C-suite level, it’s more like $1 million-plus.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, often followed by master’s level work or professional certification.

Not bad, huh?

2 Replies to “Fourth Best”

  1. Do you buy this? I was quite surprised when I first saw this, as were a number of other folks in my HR network. You didn’t offer commentary in this post, so I’m curious what your take is.

  2. Wow – sorry I haven’t responded until now. I’m not sure that I agree with it whole heartedly, however I feel that the HR world is changing and we are being looked at more as a business partner (despite Keith Hammonds opinion) and less as paper pushers. Of course every company is different and every culture determines the need for effective HR, but articles like this help to put HR practitioners in a better light than in earlier years.

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