Here We Go Again

A suit was filed in federal court in which 2 deputies of the Contra Costa county sheriff’s department allege sexual harassment, both hostile environment and failure to report.

One of the deputies, a 22-year veteran, alleged that she was subjected to fondling, suggestive comments and staring. She also claimed that she was requested to wear a g-string with a law enforcement patch and pornography was left for her on a regular basis. When the deputy reported the conduct to her supervisor, she was rebuffed and called a troublemaker.

Sounds like a “typical” case doesn’t it? Well, it gets better. According to the Contra Costa Times, during sexual harassment avoidance training, “a sergeant held up a grenade and said anyone who wanted to report abuse should “take a number.” Attached to the grenade pin was a No. 1, according to the lawsuit.”

It gets better. After the deputy complained, she allegedly was moved to an undesirable position, called a traitor and her co-workers would refuse to relieve her at her post for bathroom breaks. The deputy subsequently went on a medical leave due to stress.

What were they thinking?

If the allegations are true, then I have to wonder how anyone in CoCo County can feel safe when they sleep at night, when their law enforcement staff is so stupid ignorant of proper workplace conduct.