HR Professional beaten to death in India

Yet another tragic case of HR being made the violent target of business decisions.

From CNN:

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — Angry workers beat to death a human resources vice president after he laid off 42 employees at an auto-parts manufacturing company in southern India, police said Wednesday.

Roy George was vice-president for human resources at Pricol, the auto-parts company. Some four to five workers, belonging to a union not recognized by the company, barged into his office and beat him up with iron rods, said N. Kannan, a police superintendent of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu state. George, 47, died from his head injuries Tuesday, Kannan told CNN.

Police have arrested nine people and are expected to round up more.

My heart goes out to Mr. George’s family.

There but for the grace of Mr. George, go all of us.