International Freelancers Day: Sept 24-25

With unemployment still very much a national problem, it seems more people (such as myself) are turning to consulting as a way to make a living. Per the Freelancers Union, “Independent workers make up 30% of the nation’s workforce.”

I’ve noticed that there is a growing market around the independent worker, whether it be the above mentioned Freelancers Union, who provide benefits to and advocacy for freelancers, hundreds of books catering to the freelancer, or software systems designed specifically for the freelancer.

As a way to recognize freelancers, Pete Savage, Ed Gandia and Steve Slaunwhite founded International Freelancers Day The event, which bills itself as “The Biggest Ever (Free) Online Conference Exclusively for Solo Professionals” consists of 25 speakers and 24 sessions over a two day period.

Per John Coates at Freshbooks (a sponsor of the event):

The conference is focused around growing and sustaining your Freelance business with of course some extra tips and tricks. Topics include:

  • Transitioning from a freelancer to a creative business owner
  • Low-tech ways to land profitable clients
  • Negotiating your way to success
  • FaceBook and network marketing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Finding a viable market for your business
  • Getting corporate clients
  • Building your freelance brand
  • Introduction to book writing
  • Optimizing web content for social media

It’s perfect time to get some new inspiration as the freelance economy continues to grow!

I agree with the last line, particularly since inspiration (motivation?) for the “Solo Professional” can sometimes be hard to find.

The event is free, but you do have to register if you’d like to get replay access.