Kosher Employment

This article makes me really proud of the religion in which I was raised. Amidst the allegations of employee abuses in an Iowa Kosher slaughterhouse, a number of religious leaders are stepping up and implementing “hekhsher tzedek” (or certificate of righteousness) standards>

From CNN:

The “hekhsher tzedek” would be awarded to companies that pay fair wages, ensure workplace safety, follow government environmental rules and treat animals humanely, among other criteria.

The program, which could begin as soon as next year, would be separate from the traditional certification process that measures compliance with Jewish dietary law. A company that fails to obtain a “hekhsher tzedek” could still get its food certified as kosher.

Even though the idea is overwhelmingly popular (yet), it’s still nice to know that values and tradition can be applied to more than just religion.

UPDATE: Here’s a great blog post about Hekhsher Tzedek by Storm’s Employment Law.