New FMLA Regulations

They’re here, they’re here, the new FMLA regulations are finally here! Now what does it all mean?

According to Jackson Lewis:

The regulations provide employers new tools to administer FMLA leave more efficiently, including improvements in the area employers have identified as the most problematic — potential abuse of intermittent leave rights. However, to leverage those tools, employers must update FMLA policies and forms and communicate more effectively, both verbally and in writing, with employees.

In other words, there will be clarification where there once was none in the areas of documentation, disability payments, bonus determination and notice. I again point you to this Jackson Lewis article as I found it to be the most comprehensive explanation of the new regs. (Thanks Derek!) As you can probably tell, I’m getting tired and I see no need to re-create the wheel.

Nighty-Night. Or as my latest hero, Keith Olbermann would say, as would another hero of mine, Edward R. Murrow would say, good night and good luck.

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