No Lunch for You

Of the most ridiculous statements I’ve come across, this one really takes the cake. Or at least the leftovers.

Evidently, it sets a bad example if you bring lunch from home to work. In doing so, you indicate that you are more concerned about feeding yourself than working, you isolate yourself and you violate all sorts of etiquette rules.

Per HR Strange But True [via Just Sell]:

Is your lunch of leftovers holding you back from job advancement? It could be, says e-columnist Helena Echlin on her blog at She believes that toting Tupperware “is like wearing an old cardigan to work; there’s nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t project power and success.”

So in other words, in these days where everyone is trying to save a few bucks, having leftovers for lunch is equivalent to committing career suicide. Better you should go grab what Echlin calls a the ultimate power lunch – a take out sandwich (usually costing between $5 – $10). It shows that you are decisive and will eat quickly enough to get back to work, you go getter, you.

Personally, to me it shows that a person is paying way to much money for something that can be made at home for half the price (not that there’s anything wrong with that). What ever happened to cost consciousness being a good thing?

But pizza, according to Echlin, pizza is the hero of at work lunches. It promotes teamwork and camaraderie and shows that you’re one of the team.

Personally, I don’t buy it. I like bringing my lunch to work, particularly since I’m a vegetarian, and if a company is going to judge me on whether or not I bring my lunch, then maybe the company is focusing on the wrong things.

Yum, nothing is better than leftover spaghetti for lunch the next day. I should do this every day.

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  1. Bringing your lunch means you aren’t a go getter? This is probably one of the stupidest pieces of advice I’ve heard. If your boss is taking the time to judge your eating habits instead of your actual work there are bigger issues at play here.

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