San Diego Park Ranger Sues for Sexual Harassment

A San Diego woman is suing the California Department of Parks and Recreation alleging ongoing harassment over the course of six years.


Jennifer Donovan, in a lawsuit filed in San Diego Superior Court, said that sexually explicit material was regularly posted in locker rooms and elsewhere in her workplace. They included sex toys, obscene drawings, women’s underwear and material containing negative comments against homosexuals.

Donovan, who is a lesbian, said she also was forced to work in a sexually charged workplace where supervisors routinely made disparaging and offensive remarks.

Parks and Recreation department spokesman Roy Stearns declined to comment on the lawsuit or on Donovan’s allegations, saying department lawyers have yet to review them.

In her lawsuit, Donovan said she was “subjected to constant sexually explicit jokes, pictures, gestures and comments and expected to participate or at least not complain, among other things.”

She also said she was passed over for promotion in favor of other rangers with less experience, including one man who was under investigation for posting nude pictures of himself on a state computer.

Ms. Donovan is also alleging that she was denied vacation time, given undesirable shifts and subject to anti-gay slurs. Ms. Donovan also claims that when she complained, she was rebuffed and not taken seriously.

This case seems chock full of what-not to-do-in-the-workplace allegations.

Definitely one to watch.