San Francisco Company Making $$ on Anti-Gay Measures

Okay, not really HR related but it addresses an issue very close to my heart.

This was sent to me by Eve Batey, the brilliant Editor and Publisher of the San Francisco Appeal . It seems that a San Francisco marketing company is making quite a bit of out-of-state money on an anti-gay marriage campaign in Maine. Never mind that the campaign itself is absolutely offensive, it just amazes me that a company based in San Francisco is focusing their business on anti-gay marriage measures.

From SF Appeal :

Hey, remember all the frustration voiced in the wake of Prop 8’s passing, when folks talked about how much of its support came from people who didn’t even live in California? Maine’s the next battleground for the right to marry, and the “out of town support” argument’s apparently rising again — this time, by a group that’s paying a San Francisco based company over half a million dollars to in an effort to take that right away. That’s right, this time, the call’s coming from inside the house…This company is listed 4 more times in that section [In the filings, released yesterday, from Stand For Marriage Maine], and has been paid nearly $360K. They’re also listed 12 more times in the “unpaid debts” section, billing about $240K more. So, so far they stand to make at least $600,000 off the deal. Coincidentally, this is just slightly higher than the extra tax burden shouldered by many gay couples due to discriminatory tax penalties.

Now I realize that every company should be able to make money in any way they want, as long as it’s legal, but in San Francisco? REALLY? And on Maiden Lane nonetheless? Talk about being a mouse in a cat house.

It gets even weirder though. The company has now taken down its YouTube page, its Facebook page and its own website.

Screen shot 2009-10-14 at 8.57.58 PM

When The Appeal tried to contact the company, they were told, “no one was available …they were “traveling for business.”

If one didn’t know any better, one would think that this company is ashamed of what it’s doing. Not that they shouldn’t be, but if you’re a marketing company and you’re taking the money, shouldn’t you be getting the word out?

Just a thought.