San Francisco Minimum Wage Goes Up

San Francisco has increased its minimum wage from $9.36 to $9.79 per hour. This new rate applies to any and all employers doing business within city boundaries.

Needless to say, employers are not thrilled. From SFGate:

“Business is down everywhere. Down, down, down,” said Saad Benchra, owner of Mythic Pizza at 551 Haight St. “This is not the right time for this. Business owners have so many costs and paying almost $10 an hour just makes it worse.”

Right time or not, it’s here and it’s probably better to face it head on. It also may be a good idea to hang the poster below in an area where employees can see and appreciate it. I’ve always found a good place to be the lunch room in close vicinity to the microwave oven. Employees will usually read them while heating up their respective lunches. Otherwise, it’ll probably be ignored.


Happy New Year!