Six Words About Work

Smith Magazine, known as the “Home of the Six-Word Memoirs©” and Mercer, an HR Consulting Group, combined forces and sponsored a “Six Words About Work” contest.

The contest, conducted in phases over the summer, provided the opportunity to submit entries on four work-related topics for a chance to win an Apple® iPad or BlackBerry® PlayBook™:

  • Why I do what I do
  • What inspires my very best work
  • The best boss I ever had
  • Biggest lesson I learned at work

Mercer and SMITH received a total of more than 7,000 entries for the contest, which was conducted in the US, UK and Canada. During tough economic times, when many business decisions have directly affected employees and their jobs, the entries actually reflected positive and hopeful attitudes.

Among the winners:

  • “Press every button until printer works.”
  • “Follow your heart, not the salary.”
  • “Make cups of tea, build bridges.”

But my favorite, the US winner, really knocked it out of the park.

“Promoted truth, justice and eventually, me.”

Those six words encompass what every employee should hope to have in an employment experience. A workplace doing what’s right and an employee’s chance to develop his career. A simple, yet genius, formula.

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