Ten Percent

According to this article in Wired, nearly 10 percent of companies have fired employees for violating company rules while blogging. Another 19 percent have disciplined employees for similar infractions.

Goes back to what I always say, making it clear to employees what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of what is communicated about the company and rules of conduct is one of the most important things employers can do with all employees, particularly those who blog. If that’s made clear from the start, then, in a perfect world, the onus should be on the company and not the employee.

But as we all know, the world isn’t perfect. The best we can do is to make sure that we just apply the rules fairly to everyone.

(Thanks to Scott Beale for pointing out this article to me)

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  1. It would be fascinating to know how many companies have formal policies about blogging. To be honest, I still meet baby boomers who say they’ve heard of blogging, but don’t know what it is.

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