The Human Spirit

I’m sitting here in my living room witnessing on television the worst possible disaster this country has seen, not only because of the sheer volume of suffering and destruction, but also due to the lack of response. It is shameful. But that is not why I am writing. New Orleans is, I mean was, a center of business and many, many people have not only lost everything they owned but they’ve also lost their respective livlihoods as businesses based there will no longer be operational – at least for a very long time. Many businesses will not have the resources to start over again and others will just move away, which will lead to a greater lack of employment once the area is rebuilt.

One employer, Intercosmos Media Group, which owns DirectNic – a company which has kept working as this tragedy unfolds. They are best described here and here. The owner of this company has now put out this call for a place keep his employees employed. I applaude his efforts and the dedication of his staff and would like to put his words out there as well. It’s the least I can do.

Message from a Co-Owner

As an owner of Intercosmos Media Group, Inc., I would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming support you have shown our company, our group, and our fight. This week has been a nightmare for everyone involved. The team at Outpost Crystal has done an outstanding job. There are many employees behind the scenes who have also committed themselves to working 16 hour days amidst complete turmoil, to keeping up and operational.

Unfortunately all of these people are scattered across several states and telecommuting via hotel connections, pc cards, dial-up connections and even wi-fi hotspots. This dedicated group needs a temporary home until New Orleans is rebuilt!

Please help us to find a temporary home for 55 employees. We are looking for the following:

Short-term solution
6,000 – 8,000 square feet
Ready to occupy, desks, chairs, etc
Workplaces for 55 people
Nearby datacenter preferable
Internet connectivity
Nearby housing
Texas, Northern Louisiana, Georgia, & Florida are preferable…
Please send any information to

I also want to take this time to thank all Internet providers who have offered assistance in secondary collocation, bandwidth and hardware. We especially want to thank National Net (, Marlin Web Hosting (, and EV1 ( They have been invaluable with their assistance.

Best regards,

Noah Lieske
Co-owner / Director
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.

The strength of the human spirit to keep things going against all odds always amazes me. Despite the reports, people are reaching out to one another with kindness and generosity in the face of such horror. I am humbled in their presence.