The Right Thing

Say what you want about Walmart (and believe me, I’ve said it too), but at least they are doing one thing right. According to their website, Walmart has made contact with over half of their employees who were displaced due to Katrina and are offering them jobs in any open store.

An estimated 15,000 Wal-Mart associates are still displaced from their workplaces due to Hurricane Katrina (more than 34,000 impacted in some way). The company has made contact with more than 65% of its associates affected by the storm, including some who have been found in the various evacuee shelters. Wal-Mart is committed to providing work for displaced associates who want to work in open stores.

The toll-free Wal-Mart Associate Emergency Information Line was established to answer associate questions and concerns. It has already fielded more 10,800 calls to provide information and relief assistance.

In addition, the on-line message board is helping associates locate and communicate with their friends and family members. To date the message board has received more than 8,100 posts (4,800 by associates) and more than 800,000 hits.

It’s the right thing to do. I am glad they are doing it.

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