Transgender Workplace Inclusion

This is an issue that I feel strongly about, particularly since I live in San Francisco, a place that condemns discrimination of any sort in employment decisions. I personally believe that transgender employees should have the respect and support of any organization for which they work. Transitioning is hard enough. Having good workplace policies ensures that every employee’s rights are protected and provides a level of comfort for everyone. (Okay, I’m now off my soapbox)

Straight from the Human Rights Campaign site:

“Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace” provides human resource and other employment professionals with best practices for transgender workplace inclusion—from discrimination and benefits policies to internal practices that reflect how gender is expressed and integrated in the workplace—as well as the state of legal issues encompassing gender identity in employment situations. The guide also covers topics such as appropriate terminology with which to discuss gender identity and expression, the creation of policies that protect transgender workers from discrimination, and the expansion of diversity programs to include gender identity and expression.”

You can download the 2nd Edition of Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace here.

After all, it’s the job performed and nothing else.