UI Wherefore Art Thou?

I’ve been hearing a great deal about the inefficiencies of the California UI system. Now I can personally vouch for the aforementioned statement.

I applied for unemployment several weeks ago. First I got a letter confirming my address. Then I got a letter requesting that I confirm my reason for filing for UI (position elimination). Okay, everything in order, yes? Well…no. It seems now the state of California doesn’t believe I am who I say I am. In order to prove otherwise, per the letter I received, I needed to provide a government-issued i.d., a copy of my W-2, a copy of my last paycheck and my annual Social Security statement. I then had to shove all of this information into the tiny blue envelope the EDD supplied (I suppose I could have used my own envelope, but why waste my own resources in order to prove my own identity?) and put a stamp on the whole mess.

I’m out of town, so I haven’t been able to check my snail mail. I’m hoping that they have indeed confirmed that I am who I am.

If not, then who should I be?