Very Funny

Now if this doesn’t beat all. An employee in Iowa terminated for posting a comic strip on a community bulletin board. Granted, this has nothing to do with California, but I thought the whole thing was ridiculous and just had to share.

I hereby present the “Dilbert” in question:

The “Dilbert” in Question

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not it warranted termination.

2 Replies to “Very Funny”

  1. I worked with Dave, he was my supervisor. I am one that got laid off by the closing of the boat. I didn’t see the posting when it happened because management tore it down right away haha guess they couldn’t take a joke. It was a funny cartoon and was pertinent to the situation. It brought moral up. The cartoon was nice compared to what many employees said verbally.

  2. I’ve heard of using the number of Dilbert strips posted by employees on workplace walls as a useful metric indicating decline in employee engagement. I tend to agree and think HCM vendors should add that in their reporting feature set.

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