Vizify – A Visual Representation of You

Screen Shot 2012-12-25 at 8.34.22 AM

I recently discovered Vizify, site that aggregates your social media information (with your permission) to create a visual representation of your online life known as a “Graphical Bio”.

Like it or not, people look you up online before they interview, hire, or date you. Make sure they see your best.

  • Use your bio as a personal website.
  • Add it to your online profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and email signature.
  • Amplify your personal brand & show off your expertise to people searching for you.
  • Endorsed by 200+ HR pros

They’ve pretty much summed up what I would say regarding the online hiring research aspect. And while I can’t speak for the 200+ HR pros referenced above, this HR pro thinks it’s pretty cool.