WellPoint Healthcare Cuts Employees’ Benefits

Oh the irony of this one. The very healthcare company who allegedly illegally coerced employees to lobby against healthcare reform, is now cutting jobs and benefits.

From Cincinnati.com

INDIANAPOLIS – WellPoint Inc., the largest U.S. insurer, dismissed a “small number” of workers last week and announced cuts to employee health benefits Friday, in its latest attempt to deal with the recession’s toll on enrollment.

WellPoint eliminated the positions last week and expects to let more go before year’s end, though the number will be “relatively small,” Kristin Binns, a spokeswoman, said in a telephone interview. The company will also raise deductibles and premiums for some of its employee health benefits, the Indianapolis-based insurer told workers in a memo obtained by Bloomberg.

Cutting benefits in itself is not so unusual but for some reason, this seems so wrong. Maybe it’s because the CEO, as stated by the Huffington Post and verified by Forbes.com, brought home nearly $10 million in compensation in 2008.

And because of their questionable business practices and the allegations of using their employees for their own political agenda.

Then again, it seems that all of the healthcare companies are behaving badly these days.

Shame on all of them.