Yes, yes I know. Where the hell has HRLori been? The short answer…after 10 months of unemployment, I found a job that I absolutely love. It’s amazing how wonderful life can be when you get to go to a place that appreciates you and what you do.

That being said, I really don’t want to be rubbing salt in the wounds of those who were affected by the latest round of layoffs at Yahoo.

Much of what’s been written about the layoffs came to light via confidential information released to various forms of press. One can be certain that Yahoo Product head, Blake Irving isn’t happy at all about the leaks:

One can’t blame him, though. This is confidential information after all. And along with the legal, financial and PR implications, there’s the enormous people (read: employees) implication in releasing this kind of information prematurely. If the employees didn’t know that their product was being phased out, they do now. Which means more disaffected employees, which means low morale, which means low productivity, which means more layoffs.

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops…

On another note, my dear friend, mikl em, who was in that round of layoffs tells me that [although he was], “”Affected by the reduction in force” as it were. I’m pleased with my prospects & with having some time off first. :)”

As always, I wish him nothing but the best.