2000 Redux

First off, I apologize for the week of silence. I was on vacation and then just this week, I started a new position as the HR Director with a really fantastic company. I’ve been getting into my new routine and I’m really looking forward to the challenges that this position will bring.

Please forgive the irony of my announcing a new job in this post.

It really feels like it’s the year 2000 again. Layoffs everywhere, companies folding. Techcrunch now has a tracker and Valleywag alone reported a number of layoffs today including a rumored layoff at Yahoo, Pandora, SearchMe, Zillow and Ad Bright (brought to you by Pud, formerly of Fucked Company). Yes, I know that Valleywag is a gossip site, but they definitely seem to have the inside line on layoffs.

Speaking of Pud, evidently he has something up his sleeve. He announced today on Twitter, “Instead of Fuckedcompany 2.0, I’m working on something that should help people: Companies, employees, and layoff victims alike. Stay tuned.”. We will.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be busy dyeing my undergarments a tasteful shade of fuchsia. I’d hate to be invited to a Pink Slip Party with nothing to wear.

Or is my 1.0 showing?

2 Replies to “2000 Redux”

  1. First of all, congrats on your new role. A colleague used to say “life is a big wheel”. It sure feels like 2001 these days, perhaps more like 1930 actually. Time will tell. In this environment the best thing to do is focus on delivering results. Companies will try to do more with less, so those who can make a difference will not only be a better position in their career, but they will also help their company succeed in the marketplace.

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