NO on Proposition 8

Normally I don’t proselytize political issues, but some things I just cannot ignore. Personally, I abhore this Proposition but I am also offended as an HR professional since being in HR requires that we treat all employees equally and fairly at all times. Why should it be any different outside of the workplace?

Issues of equality have always been incredibly important to me, second only to a woman’s right to choose. And just with the pro-choice issue, there are some places where the government does not belong.

Any/every person should be able to commit to a partner of his/her choice without interference. The commitment belongs only to the two people involved no one else. And, despite the hysteria being perpetrated by those who wish to pass this proposition, the marriage of two individuals who love each other will not erode the moral fiber of this country. Love is love. This world is in need of more love, not less.

Never mind the fact that gay marriage is protected by the California Constitution.

There are some great resources out there should you want to donate or just voice your opinion. You can even get a T-Shirt expressing your opinion if you like.

And don’t forget to vote on November 4!

2 Replies to “NO on Proposition 8”

  1. Chris, I am totally with you on the civil unions issue. It seems so clear that religious definitions of marriage should not be codified in civil laws, and that discrimination should definitely not be enshrined in our constitution.

    At the heart of it, Prop. 8 asserts that heterosexual relationships are privileged and superior to same-sex relationships, that entails that heterosexuals are worth more to society than queer folk. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I have zero empathy for people who want to prevent loving couples from establishing and benefiting from a life long commitment. I just can’t fathom it.

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