CA Unemployment Going Broke?

It looks like CA’s UI program is projecting a $1.6 Billion shortfall by the end of 2009.

From the LA Times:

SACRAMENTO — — With joblessness at a 12-year high and expected to head higher, California’s fund for paying unemployment benefits is about to go broke.

The fund, sustained mainly by taxes on employers, is projected to be deeply in the red as soon as March.

And the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is alarmed that it may have to keep the fund afloat by borrowing from the federal government and using state money to pay nearly $100 million in interest over two years.

At stake is the stability of a 73-year-old program that began during the Depression. In July, California paid unemployment benefits worth $567.4 million and received 267,000 new claims for jobless benefits.

Under the program, eligible workers can receive maximum benefits of $450 a week, depending on their previous earnings. Benefits last as long as 26 weeks, and many out-of-work people can qualify for a 13-week extension, recently approved by Congress.

Unemployment checks won’t bounce, even if the fund goes bust, the Employment Development Department says. But labor experts warn that growing deficits could prove costly to employers, workers and the state.

According to the latest projections, which already appear optimistic, the hole in the fund could exceed $1.6 billion at the end of 2009 and $3.5 billion by December 2010 — unless the economy turns around dramatically.

You can find the most recent (May 2008) EDD UI forecast, where the pitfall was first projected here.

Wow, when it rains, it really pours. California can’t even pass a budget, let alone fix this any time soon.

My concern is that this benefit will either be reduced or unavailable to those employees who are no longer employed through no fault of their own.

Let’s just hope that layoffs/job eliminations are kept at a minimum until Sacramento can figure this all out.

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  1. Despite assurances from the CA state government, I believe that unemployment checks are beginning to bounce. My sister has been on unemployment for the last few months, and when she deposited her unemployment check last week, it was returned. There was no reason cited (insufficient funds, stop payment, etc). What a mess..

  2. After I deposited my unemployment check on September 26 I received a notice that a hold had been put on the deposit. When I called the bank I was told it hadn’t cleared.

  3. I haven’t been able to find a job since last March and I no longer have a bank account because I became overdrawn and have had no money to correct that situation.

    About 3 weeks ago, I finally broke down and applied for unemployment benefits. I received my first check yesterday and would like to be able to cash it at the bank on which it is drawn, but there is no bank name on the check.

    An internet search eventually revealed that the routing number on the check (121113423) belongs to the State Treasurer’s Office. Of course there is no bank to which I can go and cash this check. I guess this means I am forced to go to one of those rip-off check cashing places and pay some outrageous percentage for the privilege of getting my UI benefit.

    What a pain in the ass.

    Does anyone know when the EDD stopped using BofA and switched to the State Treasurer’s Office?

  4. I applied for an extension to benefits in July ’08. Received a letter awarding me $81/week. Never received $$. When I tried to call the only number furnished on the letter, I was put on hold for such a long time I gave up. Then I called a local EDD office and the woman there told me that the number was so underserviced that hours could go by before anyone answered and then only to hang up! There is no email address (that I could find) to contact them through the internet. Last week I re-applied on the internet. I called again and got the information line which requested my ID so that it could bring me current on my account. I was informed, redundantly, that “No payments currently made.”
    So some genius has figured a perfect Catch-22 system for the EDD. Next step is to write to my State Senator and Assemblyperson and congressman.

  5. Well, myself and about 5 friends all laid off collect unemployment and have been unsuccessful at getting a job. We also are amongst a mass of individuals who have not received their unemployment checks within the last 3 weeks. IS CALIFORNIA UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BROKE COMPLETELY? they tried to blame it on the storm but there was not enough bad weather to cause nearly 200,000 people to be without checks. It is week #3 and no checks mailed.

  6. I am at a loss myself I was qualified for unemp Nov 21st and no check as of yet! It is supposed tobe in themail as of Today Jan15th but only 2 weeks worth, I sppoke to someone in the office who claimed It was a delay form the Holidays? OMG! Thats prior to Turkey day let alone Xmas and New Years. With all these people out of work and no money to send WTF? I am losing my residence in 2 weeks if I dont get the 10 weeks back pay from UI..

  7. This is terrible I thought that working class AMERICANS were protected from this Sh&%..My husband might be losing his job in two weeks what are we supposed to do .We have some savings but please what gives. You would think that they would of just given the money to us instead of the Banks. Please where did all of those billions go? trickle down theoryplease that does not work and we all know it. Victums of the stystem!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Unemployment is such a waste of time. Yea they give you benefits but when theres something wrong that you need to clear with them, you never get through theyre phone operators to even talk to someone. I was expecting an unemployment check for the last three weeks and i recently was sent a letter stating that there was an issue regarding eligibility when theres a couple thousand of dollars left in my claim and the date my interview is schedule to talk to someone is not until 2 weeks later and to top it all of i have to wait an additional 10 days to get an approval or determination notice. Thats almost a month of waiting when i have to pay bills

  9. Well, the edd says there will be no interuption receiving our checks. Yah right. I sent in my claim on Jan.25, expected a check the following Sat(as usual), but nothing yet. I know the money is in a trust fund so are they withholding on us to get all the interest from the trust?



    Employment Development Department
    800 Capitol Mall, MIC 83
    Sacramento, CA 95814

  11. Unemployment has been playing this game using the “Telephone Interview Notification” letter to hold back my husbands checks, and they have been doing this to him every other month. First the check doesn’t come, and you get no warning either, then the letter for an interview comes, which is scheduled for two weeks later. Now you are missing one check, the next check, and you have to wait to see if you get the third check. In the end they reopen the claim and send you the back checks. My husband will call his employer to see if they have been contacted by EDD, they always say NO!
    As you can see they (EDD) will make up anything to hold back your check, and don’t bother asking why or what for because they will ALWAYS say they’re “investigating”, but have no clue as to know what it is their investigating! SOUNDS LIKE BULL TO US!

  12. My husband filed a claim on Jan. 8, 09 and still got no UI checks.
    When he tries to call EDD, even if it is 8am sharp, their phone system is jammed and cannot get through.
    We cannot afford the rent for the next month if we are not receiving 5 weeks of backdated UI payments.
    I myself lost my job last year, and we have 7 months-old and 4 years-old.
    I am so hopeless and desperate.
    Nowhere else to count on.
    What is going on with California??

  13. I files for my 3rd extension. Of course, it’s not much, but it is a minor miracle. I got one mailing (two checks, two weeks), then on the next check, they claimed that I did not fill out the form correctly. That’s some bull! I always take my time and fill out that form so that there’s no delay in my receiving my check. They did not send the form with the alleged mistake. I mailed out the replacement form on Saturday. I started checking my mail, which is on the other side of town (PO BOX) Tuesday. Today, Thursday, I get the same thing. I am so upset. When I called the number they gave me, the machine said they were closed, and that I should call back Monday through Friday, between 8 & 5. It’s Thursday, 12:30pm. What am I supposed to do with that. No accountability. Boy! Arnie must be doing a much better job than Davis.Our entire system need help in my opinion. And, all I really want is; no you’re not getting your money, or it’s on the way, or you can come pick it up. Government=Liars.

  14. I filed online three weeks ago. Supposed to receive my first check TODAY, but didn’t get it. Telephone interview is coincidentally on Tuesday, so I’m assuming they’re holding up my check until after this interview?

    I’ve been reading horrible stories on the internet about California’s unemployment and I’m not surprised. I’m broke. Literally. I can’t handle this. I shouldn’t have to borrow money from friends to help keep me afloat. I hate this state.


  16. I havent received a check since Jan 15th. They sent me a letter saying I had to wait 2 weeks for a phone interview to redetermine my eligibility. I had my phone interview on Feb 13, and still NOTHING. I have tried every day to call, and sent 2 emails, still NO WORD. I havent had a check for over a month, and all of my bills are falling behind. They owe me over $2000 still, plus Im eligible for their dumb a$$ training program, if they’d ever actually do their jobs

  17. I just read all your stories and it makes me feel so sorry that we are all in this catch 22. My husband got a job out of state, so I had to quit my job, and once we got here I filed unemployment. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get through to anybody in CA EDD. I called seven times today and got hung up on. This isn’t the first time. My claim is almost 6 weeks late. At least by you all making comments I know why. I’m so sorry to all for the struggles this is putting everyone through. We are in debt to our brand new bank in overdraft protection and we just got here. We can’t pay our rent next week. We saved and saved (stimulus checks, etc.) so that when he got a job we would have enough money to move. But that ran out about two monts after we got here. I’ve been getting “gifts” from my sister, because she is so happy we left CA (She’s a former “Silicon Valley” techie and left over 15 years ago!). But you can’t live on gifts from family forever… I guess I am going to have to apply for jobs in a town over 1 hour away one way. I can’t believe that Gov. Arnie would knowingly allow 10% of his citizens to be hung up on multiple times per day when it’s not even a state-mandated, budgeted Employee Benefit – unemployment benefits are a FEDERAL mandate managed (or mismanaged) by the states. Move away from that state… If a state cannot manage it’s affairs with mandatory (UI Taxes) income, then it doesn’t deserve the talent that lives within it… Everybody stay strong!

    We are supposed to be the engine that drives everything labor-related in America. At some point in this recession/depression, Corporate and Government America are going to have to start responding to the desires of “WE, the people,” right???? Or maybe it’s just too late and too big (government, and corporations)…

  18. Hi there,

    So my fiancee and I have both been laid off. We just got engaged. Talk about putting a damper on things.

    I applied for UI benefits, online, on January 20th. I have filled out those biweekly forms they keep sending. But no checks yet… and today is February 23rd.

    I spend so much time stressing out about money that the wedding seems like huge costly chore rather than something I am excited about. OMG what are we going to do?

    EDD is a disaster. Like the rest of the State, they are not working on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. The phone number you are supposed to dial to get your access pin is nothing but a short recording, a “GOODBYE” and then it disconnects.

    I did my part (worked for 15 years solid and paid plenty of taxes over the years) and I expect these benefits to be available to me. I don’t have any options here. What am I meant to do? Live off love??

  19. Are there extended unemployment benefits under the “recovery” bill or not? Does anybody know? It’s so frigging confusing. It’s impossible to get through to edd on the phone, the recorded message only mentions the $25 per week increase for claims beginning February 22. I just got a check for $120 and all the statement said is that my claim ran out on Feb 21. I was eligible for the previous extensions. Am I just dead in the water? The web-site is no help either. All it says is that statistics for January will be posted on Feb 27.
    I’m a single mother and I’ve already received a 3-day pay or quit notice from my landlord because like many people, my checks were missing in action. I got that straightened out, and now this. Am I going to have to apply for welfare, or what? I’ve been working since I was 15 years old and I cannot believe how bad things have gotten.
    I ran across something that said, if I’m correct, that California is one of the states that has to enact legislation before receiving any extended benefits. What are they waiting for? For 170,000 more people to be living on the streets? I’m 48 years old with a 12 year old son. I have never applied for food stamps or public assistance. I want to work. I want my life not to go completely down the toilet.
    It’s really no consolation to me that I’m not the only one on this sinking ship.
    Does anyone know anything that can give us something to hope for as far as the extended benefits?
    Or….due to the economic crisis and budget cuts, has the light at the end of the tunnel been officially turned off?

  20. – Just adding my two cents….. Not that it makes anything better. Just like all of you, I too am dealing with our lovely states EDD dept. I’ve been receiving my checks like clock work every other Monday. Then for god only knows why, the last check paid to me was paid on 02-05-09. Just like a few post up, I take my ever so gently and perfect writing on that damn form, hell…. I even double postage the sob just to try and cover all bases. I take it to the Post Office to mail and everything.

    So, they owe me right now two $900 checks which just happens to be my rent for Feb that still needs to be paid.

    Isn’t life grand?

  21. I applied for EDD benefit’s on Feb 06,09 the day after being laid-off from my job of 4yrs. I quickly was sent the paper-work that I would receive a weekly benefit amount of $450 per week.I submitted my claim for the previous two weeks for payment and have not seen a check yet!! Calling them it’s a joke you never can get through there 800 # it’s constantly busy even calling 5mins before they open there phone lines??? There local office is useless no one there can answer questions they just say you can use there phones saying unsually people get through after trying all day?? This whole system is completely F’d Up !!!!!

  22. I am on my 1st extension and have had no problems cashing my checks or getting my checks when their supposed to come. I find it surprising how many people are having trouble with getting checks and find it more surprising that some checks were sent back. It just doesn’t make sense to me since that money is being backed by the Federal Gov. Even if CA went belly up the checks should still go through so I don’t know what’s going on with some on here proposing problems with cashing their checks.

    You got me, i’m baffled on that.


  23. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a check after winning an appeal? I filed the 1st of October, was denied and had my hearing on the 11th of February. That only took 4 months! I received the letter from the judge on the 24th granting benefits but have heard nothing since. Has anyone out there been through this process and have insight? Thanks! Alice

  24. Back in October, I was between jobs and approved for unemployment. I was fortunate enough to find a job before the first claim form was due. Last month, I was laid off again (UC Budget cuts and hiring freeze caught up with me) so I re-opened my case. I came to Washington after the first week of no response to my job seeking, and sent back the first claim form two weeks ago from this address. I never planned to stay here, but a friend said it would be easier to find work. Today, I receive a notice from EDD that I have an appt for a phone interview in TWO WEEKS! I have been calling every day and getting hung up on — don’t you think they could have put a message on the automated file about the interview? Or put the info on their website so I could check the status without calling anyone? It looks like I’ll have to stay here isince I don’t have enough money to get back to California, but I think this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. . .

  25. Ugh. Same boat here. Got the “telephone interview” letter instead of a check today. They’ve got me scheduled OVER two weeks from now, so that means no pay for a month I take it? Thank goodness my husband got his EDD check, AND his extra $25 stimulus. I love that there’s “no warning” whatsoever… ya just gotta suck it up.

  26. My first 13 weeks of my first Extension ended 12/12/08. I had to reapply for the 7 week add on to the first extension. I ended up homeless and moved to Jackson,(not in any better shape than)Michigan. I move and have to wait 2 weeks for a phone interview. I did that and by the way I collect 2 checks per 2 weeks for 282 each since child support is deducted.

    Well I finally get 3 checks 6 weeks later for 282 each. 2 weeks later I get a check for 282 and 37 dollars then I get 37 dollars and 37 dollars. This week I got 62 dollars and 62 dollars. I have 400 dollars left in my 7 week claim and they slowed it to a trickle to space the time before the 2nd extension is supposed to “Automatically” kick in so they say.

    Well now I’m headed back to California to live in a car with one of my friends. Atleast he has a job though.

    Oh and I called CA EDD all day today finally got through with a seven minute wait time. Finally phone rings and I’m hung up on.

  27. To Alice: Yes, I won my appeal and they are supposed to send the checks to you within (if I remember correctly) 14 days. But of course it was something like 20 days and I still hadn’t received anything. You have to call the appeals office and tell them you haven’t received any checks yet. The woman I talked to made me fax her a copy of my determination letter and said she would personally process it. She did, and I got my checks a week later. Make sure to always get the name of the person you speak with in case something goes wrong and you have to call back. And call the appeals office, not EDD which you can never get through to. Hope that helps, good luck!

  28. I like how some lady said she was “owed” 2000 by the EDD… hahaha. No, you really aren’t. GET A JOB. Then you don’t have to rely on unemployment. Its simple. I lost my job, and within 3 weeks found another one that pays close to what the previous did… LAZY LAZY LAZY. The reason The State is broke is because we have the laziest people in this state.

  29. Worked remotely for a Texas based company and they mistakenly reported my earnings to Texas instead of California, where I presently live. I filed for CA UI end of January, went through identification interview in February. Got letter from CA EDD stating my claim was approved but all the amounts were $0. I called and called finally got through and spoke to numerous people until a supervisor informed me all the $0’s meant my employer had not reported my earnings to CA It took almost a month to find this out and then I had to deal with my ex-employer and the state of Texas to get the earnings transferred to CA. Here it is 4/16/2009, I still have not received a CENT from CA EDD and I have exhausted my savings, cannot borrow anymore money from family & friends…


  30. I made an error on my unemployment last year in the amount of 119 dollars. It was a simple mistake to which I understand was my fault but was not meant in malice. I have no problem paying the money back, and the 30 PERCENT interest (Highway Robbery). But now, I get denied 6 weeks of unemployment. For an out of work construction worker, that means no hope that work will start soon, since banks don’t lend money to contractors who build. I get to tell my family that we have no income for 1 1/2 months because of an unusual lack of oversight within the department that usually was quick to notify me in past years of just such mistakes. HMM? As a union worker, the union controls my hiring, so its not like i can just go find a job doing something else when i could lose my union benefits for such an act. EDD has become a joke to people who work hard for insurance that they will have income when no work is available. This rule is unethical and a violation of my civil right. Why can’t they address me to come to a compromise that doesn’t leave me even farther in debt.


  32. I’ve been trying to find out when we will receive claim forms for the 3rd Calif. UI extension. Two weeks ago EDD told me “any day”, today I was told the claim forms would not be available until the end of the month (May). My last week of benefits was 4/11/09. This extension was approved March 27, and I’m being told I may be without benefits for 6-7 week or longer?
    Does anyone know what going on? Will benefit be retroactive?


  33. In December I filed for benefits and was approved. I sent my identification and then was denied stating I didn’t send in enough to prove I was who I said I was. I sent my passport only which was in List A as being all you need to prove identity and verification to work. They said No, you need more documents to prove your identity. If I misunderstood that — it’s cool. I knew I would win the appeal. here’s the kicker. EDD has up to 12 weeks to set up your appeal. Then it’s 10 days out. They took every bit of the 12 weeks. If I continue to submit claim forms and WIN the appeal I will be reimbursed for all weeks leading up to the current claim form. So I have – and I photocopy both sides of it before I mail it in. I too have had 3 claim forms “re-sent” for missing a box or some other lame excuse. (ok, one time I did mess up one box – so again I am cool w/ it when I make a mistake). The other 2 send backs are invalid and that is shady. I go to the Appeal and the ALJ is surprised the claim is denied and in 8 minutes (I wanted to time it since I knew I was “ME”) it was over. Then a week goes by – and I call the Appeals mumber to “ask the status of my claim”. You can do that. The # is 916-263-6706 for Sacramento. There is no judgment yet – the ALJ has 6 weeks to make a decision. Let’s pause and do the math- December filed – 12 weeks until Appeal date – 10 more days and 6 weeks for a decision. About 19 weeks – NO PAY. I am filling out claim forms so I get a big fat check. 4 days before the MAGIC 6 week deadline I call again. The appeals rep stated she will email the Judge. Next day, I call again. “I won the appeal.” The appeals board sends the decision to the claimant (me) & EDD the same day. I received it April 18. I call April 24, 2009. She states EDD has 10 – 14 days to begin paying the claim. She said it’s been about a week so give it one more week. SURE, what the heck…it’s only money. I speak to a Rep at EDD on May 1 and they say the claim was activated on April 25. The rep at EDD stated that they will either cut one big check or all the individual checks leading up to the current claim period. She has seen them do it both ways so she can’t say for sure what they will do. (big surprise there) So everyday I call the recording and nothing. On May 5 I call the recorded check hotline and use my PIN # and I am getting my first check in the amount of $371.00 sent!! WOO HOOO (OH, they only take 10% out for taxes so put a little bit away for Uncle Sam if you need to pay additional taxes on this next year). Ok, the check comes and it is only one check for $371.00 not 19 or 20 checks for $371.00. Seriously, I got one check for only $371.00. It stated that the first week was the Waiting Period and then paid for the week ending 4-25-09. OH H*&^%$ NO. I have photocopies of the past 20 weeks.

    So of course I cannot get through today and I did the send an EMAIL, where’s my check. I need an “s” on there! I’ll keep you posted. I have used the 3 months’ nest egg (Dec – Feb.) and used credit cards for food and gas the last 2 months. This is exactly the month I need the money to be paid to me…. it will bring my credit cards back down and keep me current. The lack of funds did and will continue to affect my credit score. This is hard. I have tried very hard to keep my head up. I have broken down when I am alone but not in front of the kids. Hang in there everyone. I feel for you and wish you well.

  34. This is for ‘Salty’ who actually had nothing constructive to say: “I’m glad that you got a job that paid about the same you were making before”. I’m hoping the new job was more challanging than the one you lost and that it doesn’t require a lot of understanding of compassion beyond the limitted understanding of humanity, or the law, or even just being civil. I hope the job you found will allow you be more human, and perhaps allow you to prove yourself before it let’s you move into management.

    I also hope you aren’t in any type of work invoving entertainment because you sure don’t seem to be able to do magic (*)

    There, I said it, and I’m not afraid

  35. This is my second time trying to file with them, first time it was declined since I missed my phone interview, I spent a whole day on the phone trying to get through to reschedule the interview but they would not reschedule it. I remember asking ‘so let me get this straight, there are no opening for any other interviews from here until eternity’ and their answer was ‘no, no openings’.
    Now I am trying to refile a claim since my temp work ran out and spend more time trying to call them then looking for work. Seriously, I mean like 8 hours a day on my cell phone just trying to get an answer.
    Last week I spoke to someone who said she would call me back the following Wednesday, did she call…!

    If their answering machine would put me on hold I wouldn’t be so upset but you just have to keep calling and calling and maybe if your lucky someone will answer.

    I am living off of credit cards now and have been for a month just trying to get claims I am entitled to.

  36. Wow, sound’s like everyone in California is having the same problem I’m having right now with EDD. My 2nd extension ended on 4/19/09.
    So, as their website and telephone recording advised, I waited (not so patiently I stressed!) for the claim form to be sent to me for the 3rd FED ED extension. I should have received it and sent the completed form back to EDD on 5/2/09, in order to keep current on my bi-weekly payments.
    However, EDD didn’t send me a claim form until 5/11/09. So I filled out the form asap and took it directly to my post office hoping to get it out in that day’s mail. I expected my check to arrive by 5/17/09 by the latest, since all the other checks I’d gotten took just around 5 business days to get to me.
    Nope, not this time. This time I received a “Notice Of Determination” on 5/11/09 stating I am eligible for the FED ED extension. I would have thought this particular notice should have been sent to me like a week before my last extension ran out, but that’s just me. This letter states the amount I’m eligible for which was the same as I’ve been receiving and that I’d qualify for up to 20 weeks as long as I continue following the continued claim rules, plus one additional requirement, which is documenting where I’d applied for jobs for the 2 week period the check will be for.
    The “determination” letter made me feel assured that my check was on it’s way and I thought all was fine.
    On 5/15/09 I got a “Telephone Interview Notification And Instructions” letter. How generic is that? It was dated 5/15 as the “mail date” too. Do you think EDD might have stated the reason for this interview? Other than “be prepared to tell the interviewer where you’ve looked for work”, “and the reason for refusal of work”. What? I didn’t refuse any work. What does this retarded letter mean? I thought I was already considered to be eligible after the first telephone interview 15 months ago. This is total BS. I’m in a horrible financial situation like the rest of the unemployed commenting on this blog, and won’t be able to pay my rent on 6/1/09.
    Why? The telephone interview is set for 6/6/09 and the note states not to bother asking for a sooner date…there are NONE Do you think EDD could have possibly mentioned this issue of, the need for an appointment or “telephone interview?” Oh and why you’d be scheduled for one? And I mean WHY? The letter sure doesn’t say.
    Like, maybe they could have explained the process in detail on their website? Or MAYBE even on their recording? Hmmmmm…
    That stupid phone recording repeats the same UNHELPFUL information over and over and over. Telling you to go to the website for more information. There’s not “more information”. Nothing explains why I need to be interviewed and why all the sudden I’m not getting paid after they say to “wait”….Your claim will be auto filed for you. Nothing at all about needing to be re-certified. I’m furious now and stressed out badly after trying to get through to someone on their phone for days. If I have to hear that entire schpeel again, I’m gonna scream. There doesn’t seem to be an option on that recording, to skip the messages for the next call. EDD is forcing one to listen, and then be hung up on after going through all the prompts trying to get to where you can press ‘0’ for a representative. It’s wasted time and it’s wrong. I’ve not gotten through on their line ever during the week. I’m giving up I think.
    Forget their email thing too. They don’t even answer your question, and I checked the box to get a return phone call and got a lousy unhelpful email. Why is the State supposedly hiring extra people to work at EDD? They aren’t doing anything to help us unemployed. I find it absolutely unacceptable to be hung up on and not be able to hold. I called on Saturday and got a very rude lady that told me she was “volunteering” and couldn’t even answer my question.OK, so what’s the point of her being their on Satruday again? One thing I know for sure, and that is I know she she definitely wasn’t “volunteering” without pay. She got irritated with me when I wanted her to send an email for me to the staff, and that’s the reason she was there on Saturday. At least that’s what the recording says 500 times. She put in the email to the EDD staff: “claimant INSISTED on leaving a message even after I told her to wait 10 days for her check.” Yes lady you did tell me that, but that wasn’t a question I had. My question was “Why am I scheduled for a telephone interview? Am I getting paid til that happens? Should I expect a check? What? Am I ineligible now? And if so, could you MAYBE give me the reason for that determination? Give me a clue here! It would have been really helpful if EDD mentioned the fact that you’d need to find another way to support yourself for a month or longer before they decide to give you your money for this 3rd extension. I don’t understand this system. It shouldn’t be that complicated, really. I didn’t have that problem with the other two extensions. But of course, I filed another claim just in case, since EDD was really unclear on the process for filing those too. I had just got caught up on my bills after getting my tax return. Now, I’m about to be homeless because EDD doesn’t know what they’re doing obviously. Terrible customer service. How am I supposed to be looking for work now? I’m out of food, and stressed to the max about where my money’s going to come from now….
    Anyway, thanks everyone here for your comments, they really helped me out because I wasn’t sure if it was just me! Good luck to everyone in finding work!! And that benefits check in your mailbox until then!!!

  37. Hey Katie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I too have the exact same problem as you. No info as of yet and still no check. I’m guessing that we have to wait to talk to the interviewer to get our checks or get denied benefits.

  38. OMG…I’m Having the same exact problem as katie…they say notghing was need on my behalf…received my claim forms sent them off and was expecting a check to only receive a letter saying I have a phone interview…this is some b.s you would think the would have mentioned that with the notice saying I had another extentsion I really don’t understand however I do have bills due wit 24 dollars in my account until my interview then who’s to say what will happen after that. I don’t think they realize the effect that they are having on individuals…smh

  39. Does anyone know what time is the best time to call?

    Because I have worked in another state in the past 18 months, I can’t file on line (I have to call- my only option.)
    I just got laid off and now I can’t even get on the line to file.

    Sucks. I’ve tried calling right before they open, and then all times throughout the day. Nothin. Do they only have one person working there for the whole state?

    Please help!

  40. Hi Everyone,

    On May 8th I left a message and I wanted to provide a quick update in case it helps someone out there. I did the email EDD, “Where’s my check?” option on a Friday. I received an email the following Tuesday that they reviewed everything and my checks would arrive within 10 days. I am all caught up and will soon exhaust benefits.

    I read elsewhere that there is now an auto-extension process so EDD does not have to receive and process a multitude of extension requests. This may be redundant for some of you but here is what I read. Has anyone experienced an extension without having to do anything?

    April 2009: EDD has begun to automatically file UI extensions without the claimant having to re-file a claim or contact the department. Previously, claimants had to reapply for their first federal extension claim due to the unique programming requirements of the federal extension and stimulus programs. EDD can now automatically transition an unemployed worker into a federal extension claim as soon as they exhaust their regular UI benefits.

    On March 27 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation ABX3 23, which will give long-term unemployed Californians who meet specific criteria up to an additional 20 weeks of UI benefits once their first two federal extensions run out. Approximately 1,000 claimants could be eligible retroactively to February 22, 2009, and EDD will be sending them a notification. Another 76,000 claimants may be eligible by April 12 and EDD is working to automatically file their claims, notify the claimants, and pay the benefits.

    California will receive up to $3.2 billion in federal funds for conforming and implementing the 20-week extension, which will not cause an increase in state costs during calendar year 2009.

    **Unsure what the “special criteria” is or how we qualify for the benefits?**

    FOR DAN ^^^^
    FOR THE BEST TIME TO CALL: I try at all times of the day. I have called and pressed 1 (2x) and it didn’t work and then called right back and it did. It is very random. Maybe if you attempt to enter the information even though you are not on file it will send you to a real live representative. Once I get a live person they are so nice and helpful. They understand and of course being nice to them helps. Also, the “where’s my check” email option is good place to start. Explain your situation and they will respond.

    Best wishes everyone!! Back to your regularly scheduled…JOB HUNTING……

  41. Hi to Everyone:

    My unemployment ran out 08/23/08 I have been looking for work since. One time I got a job it lasted only 2 days. Will this harm my re-applying for unemployment?

    I understand we can reapply for a first and second extension?

    I am a mature (as they say) worker but still need WORK.

    Please help. Thank you for any knowledge.


  43. i too have had the same thing happening to claim ended on 4/18/09.I waited patiently for my fed ed paperwork to be filed on my behalf.two weeks of patiently waiting i got on the phone and had to file with whoever it was then i get one claim form fill it out and wait for the check.5/19/09 I get 1 check in a month and then i send the form completely filled correctly on 5/23/09.Then 5/26/09 i get the phone interview paperwork.My interview is not till 6/10/09.I got on the phone 6/5/09 and rang edd till i got someone which we know is not eazy.Very politely i ask what info i would need for this phone interview she was kind enough to tell me they are going to ask if you have been looking for work thats all.I would have liked her to go more in depth.I would hate not to have the info they need because we know what that means.So i guess as long as you have been looking for work thats all you need.I said i sent the form in filled out she replied you must have marked a box wrong.Now heres what troubles me i know for a fact theres nothing in the wrong place.I am very careful to fill it out properly.So know i know i am not alone in the mindgame we call edd.

  44. Hi
    My husbands UI just ran out, we thought we might qualify for an extension. But reading the letter claim determination for the Emergency Unemployment compensation says, the last date for first extensions was March 22, 2009 so since his first benefits just run out,his last check was on 05-16-09, so am I understanding there is no extensions for the people who’s original UI claim has ended after the March 22, 2009 deadline?

  45. for debra: unsure if this is your husband’s first UI and will now file his first extension. In May a (3rd extension) was added and that FED-ED deals with the dates you are referring to. Check the homepage for UI on the edd page.

    from edd website:



    The first extension can be filed on or after July 6, 2008, and the last date the first extension can begin is December 20, 2009. You may be potentially eligible for the first extension if you:

    Are fully or partially unemployed on or after July 6, 2008,
    Have exhausted your entitlement to a regular UI claim,
    Are not qualified to file a new regular claim,
    Have had a valid claim that began on or after May 7, 2006,
    Meet all eligibility criteria. AND
    Have a regular UI claim where the total amount earned in the base period is either:
    More than 40 times your weekly benefit amount,

    More than 1.5 times the highest quarter in your base period.


    Once you have collected all benefits payable on your regular UI claim, you may be eligible to file the first extension claim. If you are eligible to file the first extension, the Department will automatically file the first extension and send you additional continued claim forms. No action is required on your part.

    **I recommend calling when you are ready to send in your final claim form and talk to someone. I don’t think they are “filing for you” in every situation and just waiting lets them hold off on continuing the claim. So be pro-active. Also, EDD states on its’ homepage they are hiring. I’m chekcing into that today. Being on this side could make us valuable employees on the other side. Plus it would feel great to be working again, wouldn’t it? I miss working hard at something I love and getting paid for it.**

    …hope this is helpful

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