CA Unemployment Going Broke?

It looks like CA’s UI program is projecting a $1.6 Billion shortfall by the end of 2009.

From the LA Times:

SACRAMENTO — — With joblessness at a 12-year high and expected to head higher, California’s fund for paying unemployment benefits is about to go broke.

The fund, sustained mainly by taxes on employers, is projected to be deeply in the red as soon as March.

And the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is alarmed that it may have to keep the fund afloat by borrowing from the federal government and using state money to pay nearly $100 million in interest over two years.

At stake is the stability of a 73-year-old program that began during the Depression. In July, California paid unemployment benefits worth $567.4 million and received 267,000 new claims for jobless benefits.

Under the program, eligible workers can receive maximum benefits of $450 a week, depending on their previous earnings. Benefits last as long as 26 weeks, and many out-of-work people can qualify for a 13-week extension, recently approved by Congress.

Unemployment checks won’t bounce, even if the fund goes bust, the Employment Development Department says. But labor experts warn that growing deficits could prove costly to employers, workers and the state.

According to the latest projections, which already appear optimistic, the hole in the fund could exceed $1.6 billion at the end of 2009 and $3.5 billion by December 2010 — unless the economy turns around dramatically.

You can find the most recent (May 2008) EDD UI forecast, where the pitfall was first projected here.

Wow, when it rains, it really pours. California can’t even pass a budget, let alone fix this any time soon.

My concern is that this benefit will either be reduced or unavailable to those employees who are no longer employed through no fault of their own.

Let’s just hope that layoffs/job eliminations are kept at a minimum until Sacramento can figure this all out.

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  1. I filed for unemployment in Feb and was denied because the girl doing my phone interview cut me off saying she had everything she needed and didn’t get my whole reason for quitting. My family had become homeless and broke, we had a brand new baby, another one on the way and a 7 year old. We finally found a home after moving from the east bay to sacramento and I tried to update my address with EDD because I was appealing and didn’t want to miss the hearing. Of bcourse they told me that I couldn’t update my address until I had moved and just to do so on my claim form, so I did. Of course that was the same week they sent my hearing notice so I missed my hearing on May 28th. I contacted them to explain and they granted me a new hearing where I would now have to plead my case as to why I want the denial overturned as well as why I missed my 1st hearing. Suprisingly I got a new appt June 9th. My hearing lasted about 30 minutes. I was told by the judge I would get a decision in a few weeks. Its now the 22nd, week 3 and still nob decision. I called the appeals dept and they said it takes 5 weeks. In the meantime my rent, gas and electric, phone and cable bills can’t pay them selves. We JUST got out of homelessness a month ago and Im scared we are going to be right back in it. Does anyone know how to get them to expedite giving you the decision?

  2. The state is a joke. The state is bankrupt; EDD does everything it can to deny legitmate claims. The state pols only care about being re-elected and voting themselves pay raises, pensions, and lavish benies, and paid days off. The little man is screwed since the USA is a rigged system.

  3. I am having the same problem. I just got off the phone with EDD since I received the same phone interview letter. My letter was strange in the sense it wanted me to provide information for my last employer who is no longer in business. I told them I have no way of giving information to a company that is closed. The best they could do was submit an email and was told someone would get back to me within 5 business days. Its extremely frustrating since my interview isn’t scheduled for 2 and a half for weeks. Its been one loop after another and I really cant take it anymore.

  4. I share the horror story of the infamous “telefone interview letter” (3 of them)….so I dug a little and found SA-“audits bureau of state”, there job is to monitor and resolve, issues
    involving Improper Gov’t activities and state employees 916/322-2603, who inturn gladly gave me the number to the director of EDD 916/654-8210…who inturn hung up on me when her tiny mind didn’t have answers to basic questions. I think if we all called to share our stories and frustrations they’ll notice we are here and hurting.

  5. Thank you Sonia Vivar,

    The contact information you listed is priceless!

    I too have received the infamous telephone interview letter and I have not received my first UI check.

    This is hopeless

  6. I’ve been calling for days and always get the, “We’re currently receiving more calls than we can handle. Goodbye.”

    I’ve called all day for days and have never talked with a living person. Today I called at 7:30 am and got the message that they’re not open until 8 am, I called at 7:58 am and got the message, “We’re currently receiving more calls than we can handle…”, if only there was a waiting line I could get into, I would wait my turn. Every other system lets you wait as long as it takes, it’s easy to set up, but they just want you to go away, obviously. And I am now out of state and tried to file online, but the phone is the only way I can file my claim. They’ve got me.

    Don’t you people get it? Arnold and the Republicans want to kill social programs so they can keep all the money, they are going to succeed unless you all go into the streets and stop commerce altogether.

    You have no power except the power to assemble and force your state to obey the will of the people, nothing will happen until you organize and act together. One day would do it, one day out of your lives, one day to act like your ancestors did and take back your government from those who have taken it from you and don’t give a damn if your kids starve or you have a roof over your heads.

    I wish I had the website to direct you to that would get this going, but I think the day is coming soon, who has the information we need? When do we march? Let’s figure this out, people, we have the power if we only tried.

    We are wealthy, but there are foxes in the henhouse, crooks in the government, and we need a leader- maybe it’s you.

    I’m so sorry for us all, but I know we can defeat these people, the spirit of 1776 is strong in us all, everyone, men, women, and children of all nationalities and creeds and religions. Keep fighting, be ready, the fight is on.

  7. So, is everybody still waiting on their check over the 4th of July wknd? I called to check on mine (of course we all know it took about 20+ calls to get the “Welcome to the” automated greeting so we can bypass the prompts 1111, and apparently my check was sent out on July 4th, which means i’m guessing obviously the 6th it was mailed if i’m lucky, so, i’m hoping it get it tmrw.

    I’m so over this system and yet there’s not a damn thing I can do to fix it short of clicking my heels together 3 times.

  8. I filed for unemployment on June 12. The day I was laid off- not fired- but laid off on June 12. I received my first claim form on June 20th. I knew I was moving out of state in the next week, so I called the EDD as it says to do in the event of moving out of state. The lady I talked to assured me all I had to do was to put my new address on the claim form as if I was moving in-state. I asked if she was sure, because in the information pamphlet- it says you MUST call to speak with a representative if you are moving out of state. She checked with her supervisor who re-affirmed her answer. I said fine, mailed in my claim form with my new address in Texas. I have lived in Texas for about a week and a half and have received correspondence to my new address from the EDD. Yet no check. I have not had a phone interview yet, nor have I received any document stating that I have a phone interview scheduled. I have also not received a check yet. After calling the EDD, I was told I “probably” havent received a check because I havent had my phone interview. I asked the lady if she could tell me if my phone interview had been scheduled yet (in case they sent it to my old address) to which she replied” I don’t have access to your records”. I asked to speak with someone who did have access to my records, and she told me the best she could do was to submit an email on my behalf and someone would get back to me. Now, they can’t tell me when my phone interview IS, or if it has been scheduled, but they can tell me if they have mailed the document with that information. I spoke to this lady on July 2nd, today is the 5th business day since that conversation and still no response. I asked to be contacted via email to be sure I did not miss a phone call. So, my claim was filed on June 12th, today is July 8th. I have received several pieces of mail from EDD, but no checks, and no phone interview schedule. I call every couple of days and go through the automated “where is my check” process, and it always says “we do not have any check information for this claim”- I guess that means I have to wait to receive a document stating when my phone interview is, then wait for the phone interview, then wait for them to process the phone interview, then wait for the checks? By that time, EDD will “owe” me over $2500. I am so glad I have a loving family that willingly took me in their home in Texas. If I had stayed in California and found out I wouldnt be received EDD Checks for 2 months, I would have lost everything and not had enough money to move to Texas (which ended up costing a fortune).

    *******Side Note- My situation is not nearly as bad as some of your situations. To all of those who have lost homes, have children, or are having a more difficult time than me, I pray for you. I am having an incredibly stressful time and I am single and living with family. I could not imagine adding a child or spouse to the equation, much less having no where to go. I am truly sorry to all of you. Keep your head up and press through. Hopefully you can look back on this awful situation one day and realize that you are now the happiest person in the world because you are no longer in such a terrible position.

  9. After search several other websites- I found a phone number that allows you to speak to a HUMAN- no recordings at all. She is very sweet, and very helpful. She can access your account/ claim information and connect you directly to the person you need to speak with. All I ask for in return of this valuable information is for anyone who uses it- pay it forward. My way of paying it forward was reposting it on this website where I see so many people struggling- your way of paying it forward may be different.

    The phone number is: 916-683-4400. Be sure to turn up the volume on your phone as the lady speaks very quietly. Also, please be nice to her- she does not want to hear stories of how awful the EDD is, she already knows- she works there.

    1. The number worked! I spoke to a live person and got my address changed after weeks of trying to call. Thank you SO much!!!

        1. THANK YOU!! I have been trying to talk to a live person at EDD since November. I called this number today and she picked up on the second ring… it was a miracle! She was very nice and told me I needed to contact the San Francisco office, that was where my claim was made. For anyone in San Francisco the number is 415-351-7200, I spoke to a very helpful gentleman and he answered all my questions!

    2. I called the 916 number & there was no answer so I tried it again and got through to a woman who informed me I was calling the wrong office. She gave me the number to the San Jose office(even though I’m in Sonoma County). I was able to get through to a woman there by the name of Emily who was VERY helpful & informative on what was going on with my claim. Not sure why I was referred to the San Jose office but grateful to get the help I needed! Thank you Nolan for posting this number & I’m paying it forward now! Here’s the number: (408)436-5603.

      I’m also very grateful for this website that Lori has provided where we can voice our concerns & help one another! I certainly hope that you have received more referrals & business from those of us who have accessed this page. I will certainly refer anyone who is in need of HR consulting that I run across in the future to you Lori, as I do hope that anyone else here will do as well.

  10. Here is an update to my post that I did on July 2nd. So it was over a week and I hadnt heard anything so once again I try calling again and did the whole little 1, 1, 0 trick. Which by the way worked great so thank you for posting. Finally got through and spoke to someone else and told them my situation and what I was told the last time. I told the lady that I was supposed to receive an email regarding the infromation I gave on July 2nd and if i didnt receive anything I was told to call back and give the reference number. As soon as I said reference number I was totally shot down saying “oh I have no use for that I cant look up anything on that. So wow i just about snapped and calmly asked her “so why did i get a reference number on the phone then?” Her reply was “Ummmmmmm Yeah I dont know” It took everything I had from going off on her. These people take for granted the fact that they sit on their big fat asses all day and dont do anything except to put people through hell. Its not fair. They take advantage that they have a job and could careless about people who dont. I have to say i am very thankful I am not in some people situations who lost their homes and cant provide food for their children. My heart goes out to you folks by the way. It just makes me mad that they are stringing all of us along just so we will give up and they wont have to pay us. I am tired of it and this is getting old. This needs to be addressed NOW. I am now going to call the number that sonia Vivar left and hopefully get a hold of someone and give them a real piece of my mind.

  11. I’m convinced that there is a CONSCIOUS EFFORT being made by the State to delay all payments by using all of the tactics described above. Why? The State is BROKE and is desperately
    trying to conserve cash. EDD workers have probably been told that every dollar they delay is preserving their OWN paychecks!!!

  12. I filed for UI in March of 2009, was denied and filed my appeal immediately. Had the hearing on the 25th of June – received my notice yesterday that the decision was overturned and in favor of me. I hear checks are supposed to come within 10-14 business days – do I need to do anything or call anyone and since they put almost a 30% interest on overpayments – do they give the same interest when paying what you were owed for UI benefits? Thanks.

  13. The EDD is doing the same thing to me as to Nolan up there. I was actually getting my checks after filing in March, doing the phone interview, filling out forms, doing the CalJobs (which is a joke of a website) thing… everything I was told to do, I did.

    In June, my checks just stopped. I got a letter saying I had another phone interview coming up and that my employer re-appealed, but the lady in the appeals department said they have nothing to do with the checks until the judgement is made and that I should still be getting my checks. Nope, nothing.

    The only letter I got since June was one to say I changed my phone-PIN, which I did when I called to check and see if the automated line could tell me where my checks went. When I finally got a real lady on the phone, she pulled the same crap as on Nolan, telling me she can submit an email, and that I couldn’t talk to a supervisor or anything. She said I’d get a reply within 5 business days to the email she sent using the same public form on the EDD website and assured me I’d be handled.

    It’s been 10 days and I’ve had no contact at all, and the fucking number’s automated line does nothing but hang up on you.

    I’m being evicted from my apartment.

  14. qualified for the second extension autofiled no further action was needed on my part and the claim form would be mailed to me well i never recieved the claim form emailed them …no resonse…emailed again … response….called on a saturday told limited services they cant do anything except email them still waiting for a response rents due today havent been paid from them since july 9 guess ill have to start stealing stuff from the rich cali sucks grey davis was only 25 million in the red arnie is a clown any actor that thinks there a great business man because they got alot of money to manage TRYING BALNCING A BUDGET WHEN U DONT HAVE ALOT OF MONEY AN OTHER OPTIONS TO BORROW FROM

  15. In reply to Sophia, congratulations on your unemployment award after such a long wait. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you all this time. I had a similar situation and it took about a week and I received the a check for benefits for all the weeks I waited, less the 1 week waiting period.
    Whenever I’ve had an EDD question, I went to the website in the Contact EDD
    under “Online” go to “Ask EDD”, there will be several drop down choices, after you have selected the main topic as “Unemployment” select “Questions, comments, complaints” in the drop down menu, this is the only thing you can click on that actually allows you to write out your full question and request reply. Be sure to include your full name, Social Security number, phone number and email address, very important. They will either call you, or email you, I have had good response from EDD every time I’ve has a question this way.

  16. Dear George Howard,
    I loved your comment from July 7th, it actually brought me to tears. Yes, it does certainly feel as though we do not have a voice and yes, we need to unite ensure our voices and our plight, is heard. Right now we live in a country divided into 2 or perhaps even 3 segments: 1) those who have a job 2) those who do not have a job 3) those who have health insurance whether they have a job or not. People who are working are experiencing life very differently than those of us who are not. I vow, my promise to everyone is when I am re-employed, I will absolutely help others and donate all I can to causes that help people stay in their homes, eat, and find employment. This experience has changed me to the core, I have always been empathetic to others, but now, it is different. I can’t imagine ever spending money on a designer purse, wasting money at Starbucks, or buying anything I don’t need. The world is different and I am different.
    I’ve written to our Democratic leaders asking for legislation for a tax incentive for employers who hire the long term unemployed. Currently, there are tax incentives for hiring people with various classifications:
    It seems like the longer we are unemployed, the harder it is to get a job. Even in this market, it is my perception from questions I have been asked on interviews, that some employers see you as flawed the longer you are unemployed. Questions like, “I see you have been unemployed since August 2008, why do you think you are not getting hired?” real question asked to me on an interview, I can’t even write to condescending tone the interview had to go with the question. My truthful reply, well, we are in a highly competitive employment market, despite my best efforts, I have not had many interviews.”

  17. I applied for UI benefits on Monday July 24, 2009. I was approved and got all my paper work by the end of the week. However, I am to mail my first claim on 8-9-09, but my phone interview is not until 8-25-09. Why would they send me a dated claim form two weeks before interview? Does that mean I won’t get a check by the 15th. I have been on unemployment before and know the routine and I usually got my check by the end of the week from when I mailed it. This is causing me so much stress cause I have $3 in my account. Not exactly enough money to by groceries. I have also spent time trying to get through to EDD. Getting that “we are experiencing high call volumes” one minute before they even open. I think they avoid calls cause they know they don’t have the answers to anything. I am under enough stress about being out of work.

  18. I am exuasted, depressed, sad , annoyed, pissed, destroyed…. Broke..about to loose my car and my appartment, became homless….
    But I am staying positive untill it all comes crashing down!!!
    I wish I could screeam so loud, that all this hurt and pain I have inside is gone,melted away….
    The funny part is…ny lease is up in 30 days and they are offering to renew it for 100 less a month…that’s good news…if I had my UI check!
    Someone used the word LAZY ….I have wworked my butt off trying to get a job for the last 8 weeks…everyday, everywere I am, I hand out my resume..don’t you f#ing dare calling me lazy….!!!
    Some people…
    Anyway….well , off to look for a job, put a smile on my face, forget that all my bills are overdue, rememberto pick up some more Ramen soup….the couch change caming in handy….I wish I let some paper dollars fall out between the cusions..oh well…tomorow I will go through my other couch…I need eggs!
    Sour!Sad and pissed!

  19. Hi… Just ran across your blog… searching for the CA EDD Email address. Anyway you probably can help me with my simple question… it looks like I have 6 weeks left of regular unemployment which on ther stub states ‘your claim balance after this payment is’ and this amount will run out in September. My claim, as stated on the check stub, expires in 01/30/10… do I deed tpo do anything to keep continuing to receive checks beyond the balance running out??

    First time unemployed

    Ps.. and it sucks… as I’ve been looking since 2/09… going on 8 months… I feel for the ones that’ve been pounding the pavement for many months more…

  20. After reading these I am so glad I am not alone. Not that I ever thought for a split second I was. The last contact I had with the EDD was when I received my last check on July 18th and the note stating I qualified for my 2nd extension and no action was needed on my part, blah, blah, blah…Well of course no matter how many times you call the phone number or e-mail these SOB’s, there are always just too many callers waiting on hold or someone just isn’t getting your e-mails. Yes there are a lot of people out of work and in this situation right now. Of course this puts a burden on the system. But that doesn’t mean you ignore it and it goes away. You don’t leave recorded messages saying that 2nd and 3rd extensions have been approved by the Federal Government and no action is needed on your part and they will do everything when it is a load of crap just to give people what they want to hear while they scramble around trying to pick up the pieces. I have been unemployed since August of 2008 and have been trying like hell to get work ever since. There are a lot of people competing with you out there for jobs which makes things even harder. In the meantime they need to get on the ball on start paying out these benefits as promised. I am just about out of options right now. I have done side jobs, sold my stuff, tried to start up my own small business…I just don’t know what to do anymore. Real people; your friends, relatives, someone you sit next to on the bus…It could be them struggling. It could be you.

  21. I hear there is a form you can fill out for the California Unemployment Appeals to pay out money to those who are awaiting a appeal date. Is this true?

  22. ***UPDATE***
    I guess someone was listening. I FINALLY got through on the phone on the 14th at about 4 pm. I spoke with a lady who worked in the mailroom; apparently they have people from all departments answering the phones just trying to get as many calls answered as possible. After explaining my situation she notated a ton of stuff in the computer, had someone else look up my information and told me my 2nd extension was in there but not finalized. So a supervisor is suppose to call me within 24-48 hours and let me know the status of my claim (starting from Monday). I am crossing my fingers…

  23. I have been collecting unemployment since June. I took a temporary job for two weeks in July and was very careful on my claim to give the correct information. I worked a total of 11 days. When I submitted the last claim the first week shows I worked and the second weeks shows that I did not work. I usually get my check on Saturday. It did not come. Do they deduct the overage from what you would get and how will I know when I will get my next check or do I have to reapply again.

  24. Anyone have any ideas of this particular situation?
    Did the telephone interview, they said they will be sending forms. Been three weeks. Emailed them and they said that my claim is pending and I will be called in two days letting me know the result. They haven’t called.
    Thanks alot.

  25. has anyone found out if there is another extension after the fed ed? i collected my 79 weeks …

  26. Anyone had any experience moving out of california while geting their UI checks? I moved to Colorado and notified edd of my new address on their form. Advised them that I moved since can’t find any job California. Haven’t landed any job in Colorado either but edd promptly stopped my UI checks. They have ph interview scheduled for 4 weeks later. How am I suppose to pay bills untill then.

  27. Has anyone considered of returning back to school? There are tons of certificates out there that only take less then a year to complete. And there is pretty much free college out there right now. Just a thought of encouragement to anyone who hasn’t thought of the idea. Knowledge is power.

  28. I’ve been unemployed since June of 2008, been on unemployment since then. I’m halfway through my second extension. I finally gave up hope of finding a job in my current field, so I looked into school to go into the IT field. I checked EDD’s website and the school is on their approved list. When I checked the yes box for starting school on the claim form I mailed in on August 29, my checks stopped. I didn’t receive my check on Sept 3 as expected, a week later I received a letter stating a phone interview was scheduled for today (October 2) between 8-10 am, and here it is 10:15 and they haven’t even called me! This is just ridiculous!

  29. Enrolled in a local trade school because my industry (legal) is completely dead (laid-off in May). I was ensured that I would receive benefits from the school if you were still looking for work, but I had to disclose to the EDD that I was enrolled–did the research and this is true. Received two checks then had to conduct a phone interview on July 27th. Received a letter stating that I was being denied benefit due to the “fact that there are plenty of available legal jobs in the current market”. Well, umm, no. In fact, a classmate went thru the same song and dance and the EDD denied her claim because due to their research the legal industry will have a 16% increase in jobs from 2004-2016. Yes, from 2004 to 2016. Hello….how about a new study in the current climate? Hello…McFly?

    Mailed a written request for an appeal on August 13th and haven’t heard anything regarding my appeal date. I’m sure that this whole thing won’t be resolved for at least another month or so.

    Face the music…the EDD doesn’t care about us and they’re screwing us at the same time. Silly people think the world will end on 12/21/12….why wait? Let’s move in up two years.

  30. I read through most of the posts but didn’t notice any follow-up from those who received interview requests when filing for their third or second extensions. I have mine coming up in a few days and would love to hear either what they asked and/or what happened afterwards. — Thanks!

  31. Just got my Notice of Determination For Emergency UE Compensation (1st extension) and was denied. I am planning on appealing the decision. Does anyone have any tips on what I can write in order to increase my chance of getting the extension?
    Any help is appreciated.

  32. I just got fired recently from a job I’d had for a year. It was a good job and I found it rewarding, however depression and social anxiety always made it a challenge for me (yet I overcame those difficulties somewhat). Unfortunately I was discharged because they felt “you’re not a good match for the company.” And basically I had some errors, the issue is they were bad at managing their internal infrastructure and couldn’t really see good employees. I never called off once in an entire year, never. Every single day I was there. Now that’s dedication! When I finally got my check for the vacation hours, etc. it was 1k hahaha! Those F’rs think someone that racks that amount up is somehow a bad employee?

    Incidently two of my coworkers also wanted to quit badly, they are probably still there but who can say. I am going today to try getting my guardcard for security, that way maybe I can get a security job again. It’s not so much about the money (because making barely enough to survive sucks) but it’s about the time spent doing something else. I’m horribly depressed being home for two weeks and things just are pretty miserable, I have no social contact outside of here and it’s just really messing my mind up. So over-all it’s important I find a job both for wages but also my mental health.

  33. wow this seems to be quite a comprehensive list of issues. everyone is pretty sick of and by it… hail california, thanks Ahnuld and his slimy gang….

    the question:
    i just received my first check. two days later i got a letter saying i will have to attend a meeting in person with EDD about my eligibility. have any of you heard about such a thing?
    what am i to expect there?

  34. First of all I am apprehensive about a site with HR in its name. It makes me very careful. Human resources is a misnomer, its sole purpose is to mislead, corral employees and to protect and advise the employer. I have been unemployed for over 18 months now and I’m concerned about the “4th extension”? I will lose my house and everything else waiting for the bureaucratic wheels to turn and make it happen. I have at this point been very impressed with the way and speed California has treated my claim and me personally. All this complaining I’m reading makes me wonder why these people are singled out? Is it because lack of verifiable work history or inadequate time in the work force? Who is to know? My concern is this blog, what is its real purpose? To gather potential information about the effects of unemployment? What are the issues out there effecting the unemployment community? (Temp agencey’s, HR departments who will have to deal with laying off and/or hiring employees and need the info gleaned from comments like these.) Let me be clear, Human Resource personnel are driven to reduce cost and liability to the employing entity with what amounts to disregard to the employee. The system works, when California publishes 12% plus unemployment rate they are saying that 88% of the employed residents are paying in to the fund. Since California is the most populous state in the US (California’s population is estimated by the US Census Bureau at 36,756,666 for the year 2008) this could represent if every working person and their employer contribute to the system $1.00 a day equals $32,345,866.00 a day X 5days a week X 4 weeks X 12 months, math right? Are we in a crisis? Yes of course but I really don’t want to lose my house, have my wife who is disabled become a ward of the state because I can’t support her and have no job or place to stay. So all of us need to find out the facts from the people who don’t really benefit from our misery. I just happened on to this site by looking for info about Federal extension for unemployment benefits. I am a 55 plus American and biased in my opinion, I have had 18 months to form an opinion about HR professionals and their practices. They have been addressing the so called baby boomer issue for a number of years (since the 80’s without a doubt) and their task would be to reduce the mitigation of this faction in the workforce.

  35. From the EDD website ……

    New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extension.

    Congress recently approved legislation providing further unemployment extension benefits. It provides the potential for up to 20 additional weeks of benefits for higher unemployment states, including California. If the legislation approved by Congress is signed by the President and enacted this week, then Sunday, November 8, 2009, becomes the first eligible week for the new benefits. Any time spent unemployed and without benefits before then is not covered by the new federal legislation.

    The new extensions will require complex programming to implement once authorized. EDD is working around the clock to ensure payments can be made as quickly as possible.

    In the meantime, there is no need to contact EDD. We will be contacting potentially eligible claimants and notifying them of developments. Once programming is in place we will follow up with further instructions and automatically file the extensions for as many of our clients as possible. We may also need to contact some clients at that time and request further information. Please watch this Web site for further updates.

  36. New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions

    On Friday, November 6, 2009, President Obama signed new federal legislation making further unemployment extension benefits available. The first eligible week for the new benefits is the week starting Sunday, November 8, 2009. Because the new extension is not retroactive, it does not apply to any weeks of unemployment prior to the enactment date of November 8.

    Although the new extensions do provide the potential for up to 20 additional weeks of benefits for higher unemployment states, including California, it’s likely six weeks of those benefits won’t be available due to pending federal filing deadlines at the end of the year.

    The new extensions set new records for benefit weeks available in a federal extension program and will require complex programming to implement. EDD is working around the clock to ensure payments can be made as quickly as possible. It’s currently estimated that will take several weeks.

    In the meantime, there is no need to contact EDD. We will be contacting potentially eligible claimants and notifying them of developments. Once programming is in place, we will follow up with further instructions and automatically file the extensions for as many of our clients as possible. We may also need to contact some clients at that time and request further information. Please watch this Web site for further updates.

  37. has anyone received their first check from the new extension? i have not received any letter or check and was just wondering if they were still taking their sweat time.

  38. I had a telephone interview with EDD on November 13th to determine my eligibility for an extension and have heard NOTHING since (I was told I would be sent a decision within 7 days).

    I am very upset. I was laid off of my full-time teaching job last year and was without any income for several months, but then was accepted as a substitute teacher (day to day). I reported all of my income on my claim forms thus far, but I am rarely called in as there are many teachers on the list. I only get 1-2 days of work. But I guess EDD considers me “working” just because I have a job at all.

    I would have been better off staying fully unemployed just so I could make a living. My savings are gone and I’ve had to borrow from family. This can’t last much longer though because soon I’ll be on the streets. People can only be so supportive, which I understand.

    This is so wrong. I know that substitute teachers in Los Angeles still make the difference on the days they don’t work. Furthermore, I am still looking for full-time jobs (in academia and out) on the days I don’t work. Why don’t I count? I paid my taxes.

    I’m going to have to go back and email them, and if they don’t respond, I would like to know how I can complain and who I can appeal to.

  39. I heard there will be no money as of the 1st of the year. This is so f-ing bad. But there will be money for welfare thats great. I’ve worked and put money into this shit for what???? What happens when there is no money is this only a california thing??

  40. I applied on Jan 3rd, got tons of excuses from edd didn’t receive any money until April 28th, as former employer lied and held up everything. How does the process take 4 months.I got to the point where 3 pay or quit day issued savings gone no money for gas. Got on the phone with army recruiter said I had my dd 214 from prior Air Force enlistment and all necessary paperwork, i got out 18 months earlier, explained my situation and requested expeditious return to active duty. I was back on active within 7 days.Thank god for plan B, took an minimal enlistment and got a nice blue to green bonus and promotion. Remember if you are screwed and under 30 with a bachelors degree there is a plan B, its better than being homeless. How the hell does it take 4 months to get an unemployment check. Definitely no military efficiency or hint of it at the edd.

  41. I called edd and the recording came up. it says that by February 2010 we will be notified if we are eligible. I guess Mr Obama is a full of????? I only received edd benefits for a year. He has to let us know or what are we going to do get into fellFARE??

  42. New Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions
    (Updated December 4, 2009)The Employment Development Department (EDD) has completed most of the complex programming required to be able to file and pay the new extension of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits enacted by the federal government on November 8, 2009. Testing is underway to ensure the new changes adopted into the 25-30 year old programs will not negatively affect our ability to process and pay benefits on other claims.

    So far, that testing is going well and we anticipate being able to start processing the new federal extension claims and sending out notices and claim forms to potentially eligible unemployed workers in the week of December 14. If all goes as planned, we should start issuing the first two-week checks soon after. Claim forms need to be sent to claimants and received in sequential order to avoid interruptions in payments. Checks will arrive in two-week increments for all eligible weeks of unemployment dating back to November 8 as long as claimants quickly and accurately complete and return all pertinent claim forms sent to them and those forms verify eligibility.

    All potentially eligible unemployed workers will be sent notices as soon as the new programming is up and running. Those who exhausted all of their available benefits before November 8 will most likely be advised to submit a new application for the extension benefits. Because so much time elapsed between when these claimants ran out of their benefits and when the federal government enacted the new extensions, EDD has to collect updated claimant and employment-related information to file these claims. To save time, it’s recommended these claimants go ahead and submit a new application for the extension benefits now online. For those unemployed workers who ran out of their benefits after November 8, EDD should be able to automatically file their new extension claims and send them claim forms to be completed and returned.

    Those potentially eligible to receive the new extensions with up to 14 more weeks of UI benefits available for now include those who have exhausted all available unemployment benefits. As of December 4, EDD estimates 117,000 people in California have run out of benefits. Those potentially eligible for the new benefits also include those who will run out of their second extension benefits by mid-December, and those who run out of their current FED ED benefits between now and early 2010.

    The first eligible week for the new benefits is the week starting Sunday, November 8, 2009. Because the new extensions are not retroactive, they do not apply to any weeks of unemployment prior to the enactment date of November 8. But the Department will file the new extended benefit claims effective November 8, 2009, for those who are eligible.

    EDD has received many inquiries from anxious claimants. We are updating our online information on a continual basis so you have the very latest information available. We encourage you to stay informed on developments by monitoring our Web site and following EDD on Twitter. You will also find helpful revised information about the federal extension program in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our Web site

  43. I just wanted to thank all of you for your postings. You’ve made me feel so much better. I lost my job and filed for UI on Oct. 1. I was scheduled for an interview on Nov. 18. It is now Dec. 8 and I haven’t seen a single penny! I had to put my things into a storage unit and move out of state to stay with a family member. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown until I saw that this is happening to all of you as well. I guess all I can do is continue calling/emailing/ and applying to new jobs. Best of luck to everyone!

  44. Good to see this column here to support us all. I was laid off in July after a company downsizing. I filed the first day, and it took EDD 5 weeks to schedule a phone interview. Finally I started getting checks which were therefore backed up — so always a delay. I had to move out of California but was smart enough to keep a local address to get my mail, because if you move out of California during the time you collect benefits, they will stop your benefits and schedule you for another phone interview 6 weeks later just to confirm your address change (it is okay, by the way, to live out of state and collect California unemployment so I don’t understand this problem). Then, all of a sudden no check arrived. I emailed EDD (the best way to get a response) in the middle of october, and they responded that I had another phone interview to determine continuing eligibility. The interview wasn’t scheduled for 6 weeks! So I went without any income for two months. The interview lasted two minutes, “we suspended your benefits because we didn’t receive your claim form on time.” I replied, “dont’ you have a record of the postmark?” The answer was “no”. I told them when I sent it, and they replied “okay, no problem, we will approve payment.” 6 weeks of waiting and no income for 2 months because of that?!! Couldn’t they have just sent me an email right away and asked me?!
    I am trying to file for bankruptcy since I have creditors pounding on my door, but I haven’t been able to afford the attorney’s fees. Also, I don’t live in California anymore because it is too expensive, and I have to come up with the money to fly back there and show up for the bankruptcy hearing when I DO finally get the money to file. Meanwhile, my credit is completely destroyed, I’ve been served a summons to appear in small claims court from a creditor, and the job market keeps getting worse rather than better.

    There is no doubt in my mind that California is intentionally avoiding paying unemployment benefits. I will never go back to the state, as beautiful as it is and as wonderful as the people are. The state has broken my spirit. I am on anti-depressent/anti-anxiety medication just to live through my days and function without curling into a ball. We are all in a horrible situation at this time thanks to a bunch of greedy politicians, financiers, businessmen, and idiot economists who have chipped away at our regulatory framework over the last 3 decades. Our government has failed us and has furthered global corporate interests at the expense of its own people. The disparity of income in this country has skyrocketed, and it makes me sick to see all the 100 foot motor yachts with Cayman Island registrations docked in places like Fort Lauderdale while the rest of us have had our real incomes decline — with no hope in sight.

  45. I received a notice of automatic filing and also a claim form on Dec. 17th. I’ve been following the EDD website which stated that checks would be mailed out at the end of day on 12/15 as a one-time “courtesy.” Does the check supercede this claim form? I am so confused and unable to get in touch with a live person to know what to do. Anyone know what’s going on?

  46. Go question, I received the both of the items you described and thought I was too left with the impression from the EDD website postings that a check was being sent — which I have yet to receive. Maybe in tomorrow’s mail!

  47. I tried calling the 916-683-4400 number and no one answers it. I recently moved to Utah and need to change my address with UI, is this going to delay my checks?

  48. I was scheduled to have an interview with EDD, but on that day no one called, so I sent an email from their website requesting a response. I got a call back a day later and the lady transferred me to another office to speak with someone there. Some how after I was connected to this other office, the person attempted to put me on hold, but instead I was disconnected. I was able to talk to someone yesterday, but all she could say was that I had to wait 7 to 10 days for their decision. I told her that I haven’t spoke to any one yet since no one called on the day I was scheduled for the interview or on the day someone called me back and the call was disconnected, but she insisted that there was nothing she could do and stated that if I was denied I could appeal. I don’t understand how they can make a decision with no explanation….I am so frustrated with this system and if I could get a job with any sort of pay now I would take it, just to avoid this hassle. Ughhhh… :(

  49. I finally got through after two hours of trying to call EDD. I had changed my address and as a result was set up for a phone interview this morning. Unfortunately I missed the call by walking out of the room and was really upset at the thought of my payments being delayed further, or worst cancelled. I was determined to get through so I called the number and followed these steps to get through.

    *If I heard “Thank you for calling” I immediately hung up and redialed
    *If I heard “Welcome to” I immediately typed in 12117 and waited. Most of the time it said due to the number of calls we cannot take your call at this time.
    *However I was able to get through twice (my phone dropped the first call – btw call from a land line if you can) in two hours and put on hold for a representative
    *Once on the phone, I was sent through to my interviewer and able to leave a message on her personal voicemail, so I could leave a message to be called back.

    I’m now waiting for the call, but at least now the efforts shown and they can’t stop my payments for not being able to reach me. You may have to do nothing but call and hang up for a hour straight, but if you really want to get ahold of them it’s definitely worth it. You will reach someone.

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