Doing it Right

In an earlier post, I talked about California Assembly Bill (AB) 1825, in which California employers with 50 employees or more needed to provide sexual harassment avoidance and reporting training to their supervisory staff by December 31, 2005 (or within 6 months of hire date) and every two years thereafter.

Training consultants have always been around doing what they do, however, it’s really become an industry with the implementation of AB1825.

More power to them I say. If a company has well trained HR/Training staff to provide the training in house, then there doesn’t seem to be any reason why a company should spend the money for outside trainers, however, not every company has a well developed HR/Training department. These are the companies that should spend the money and bring in an outside vendor to provide the training. Because doing it wrong could have very expensive consequences.

And after all, if it has to be done, it needs to be done right.

2 Replies to “Doing it Right”

  1. Lori, I agree. I’m often shocked by some SH training I’ve seen! Lack of experience, lack of knowledge, poor presentations with inaccurate information and the like. If I were plaintiff’s counsel, I could tear these apart. Unfortunately, the organizations who put few resources into this area will get what they pay for.

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