My Bad

Wow, silly me to ever say anything nice about Wal-Mart. They really put their feet in their respective mouths this time.

I’m beyond words at this point. How can this company be so successful? I don’t know anyone who shops there. Furthermore, I am completely perplexed that an HR person would ever put something as discriminatory like this in writing, particularly when the company has had more that its share of public relations nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, planning for cost saving measures is completely appropriate and should be discussed on an executive level, however discouraging those not in the best health by adding physical requirements to positions that did not originally have them is just wrong.

It also pisses me off because so many unemployed people look to them for a job.

Shame on them.

2 Replies to “My Bad”

  1. Hi Lori,

    Did you read the complete report ? It’s available on the NY Times site and to me was more balanced than some of the press might suggest.

    And what’s wrong with putting this stuff in writing – are companies not allowed to explore options – or if something is regarded as potentially controversial should it be kept off the books, and discussed in secret with no records ?

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