Generalizing Generalists

I just read this and I’m a little unsure of what to make of it. The author is certainly making a point, though aside from making sweeping generalizations about HR generalists, I’m really not sure where he’s getting his data.

It’s very easy to write that all (blanks) do (blank). It gets a little more difficult when you have to align facts with your statements. I would have loved to see something to back up his claim that generalists “are not experts” and “have no output or results metrics of any kind.”

Having been a generalist in my past life, I do take some exception to that claim. After all, someone has to tend to the daily fires.

That being said, I do see what he is trying to say. That HR needs to align itself with the needs of business rather than resisting change and progress. That many tasks can be outsourced so that HR can focus on strategic “output” and “results metrics”.

I just think that it could have been stated in a much more constructive manner with less generalist generalizations.