Not So Hotmail

From Boing Boing:

Hotmail users deemed too dumb for employment at firm

Pete says:

A guy, who works in the department of a Human Resources consultancy company, says they made a selection process in which, among other things, they asked for a person with ample experience in using the internet (navigation, searches, formats…).

They received 50 candidacies, from which 30 came from Hotmail-directions, all of them erased as they entered.

The reason: You can’t pretend being an internet expert and use a Hotmail account at the same time. Link

Hotmail doesn’t bother me too much, however you gotta wonder when someone applies for a job with a questionable addy, i.e. hotbabe@, crazymofo@, etc. Again, fine for the personal life, but not so good for a resume (NSFW?).

Well, I guess there has to be some way for people to filter themselves out. Having a hotmail address is as good as any I suppose.

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  1. Funny how sometime the simplest things are the most important. I used to have a thing about neck ties. Now I’m not saying that I discriminated against them but was the Star Trek or Disney tie really the way to set a good example!

  2. I once received a resume with the e-mail address bull[verybadword]breath@ blah blah blah

    We passed it around and laughed at it, but even though the person was otherwise qualified, we did not bring the person in.

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